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 Yale Athletics is looking for a Head Cheer Coach starting Fall 2017. 

 Interested? Please contact: jeremy.makins@yale.edu for more information.


 Tryouts to be a member of the 2017-18 squad will be held in early-September 2017. 

 Interested? Please contact: mary.edgington@yale.edu for more information.


Cheerleading has played a vital role in shaping the spirit of Yale Athletics for over a century. In 1884, twelve members of the class of ‘86 penned the famous “Long Cheer,” an Ancient-Greek-and-English rallying cry inspired by Aristophanes’ Frogs. By 1912, an organized Yale Cheer Team consisted of a dozen-or-so men whose work was quickly considered vital to the ethos of intercollegiate sports.

More than one hundred years later, the “Yale Man” of the early 20th Century is no longer the face of Yale Cheer. As the sport of cheerleading has expanded, the responsibilities of a college cheer team have come include sideline entertainment, dance, acrobatics, and stunting— so we’ve traded in the ‘Y’ sweater and trousers for outfits made for flipping and jumping. The squad of 1912 may have come from a handful of New England private schools, but today’s Yale Cheerleaders come to New Haven from across the globe, run the full gamut of Yale majors, and engage in a diversity of commitments outside the classroom. 

As representatives of the University, the Yale Cheerleading Team reflects the school’s dedication to scholarship and service in our daily life. Rallying the community to support our Bulldogs is at the heart of our mission as cheerleaders: inclusivity, kindness, and spirit are what we do. Come find us on the sidelines at home games supporting the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams and the Yale Football Team— we’ll be thrilled to see you there. Boola boola!