Yale Sailing Association


Welcome to the Yale Sailing Association!

The purpose of this association is to provide alumni and friends of Yale Athletics
information about Yale Sailing as well as creating a support network for current
student athletes. Through the offering of career networking and job placement,
hosting of special events including receptions, alumni/alumnae games, golf outings,
and the raising of money to support Yale Athletics, the Yale Sailing Association
enhances the experience between Yale Athletics and the alumni community.


Coming Soon!


To join the Yale Sailing Association or to make a gift please CLICK HERE and follow the instructions below:

  • You will be directed to Yale's online giving mechanism - Giving to Yale. This is the website which allows for online enrollment in athletic team associations as well as donations to Yale for other purposes.  
  • Follow the instructions to Make a Gift or Pledge Payment By Credit Card Now
  • You will then be asked to designate your gift type (i.e. New Gift)
  • Next you will be asked to designate what you would like your donation to Support. If you are making a donation for the purpose of joining an association or simply making a donation to a specific Sport, select "Specific Sport" - this will prompt a drop down menu for you to select the specific sport you would like to support.
  • Note: If your donation falls within the thresholds designated by your association, you will automatically be enrolled in the association. If your donation qualifies for parking or other benefits, you will be contacted by a member of the athletic association to specify these aspects of your membership.



Checks should be made payable to Yale University and should include the sport association you wish to have your contribution directed towards. Gifts or pledges can be made by calling (203) 432-1434 or mailing payment to:

Yale Athletic Association
P.O. Box 1844
New Haven, CT 06508-1844





Board Members

President: Ted Ferrarone '98, James Ewing '99
Mr. Peter A. Alarie '90
Mr. Henry H. Anderson, Jr. '43
Mr. George Kimball Atwood '92
Mr. Thomas S. Barrows '10
Mr. Matthew C Barry '07
Mr. Mark R. Bellermann '87
Ms. Blair C. Belling '11

Mr. Stephen Benjamin '78

Mr. Peter A. Bowe '78

Ms. Nicole Breault '94
Mr. Zachary Scott Brown '08
Ms. Molly E. Carapiet '06
Mr. H. Allan Carscaddon '91
Mr. David M. Coit '69
Ms. Abigail E. Coplin '08
Ms. Susan F. Daly '78
Mr. Henry P. Davison II '84
Mr. Norman L. Dawley '63
Mr. Arthur A. Diefendorf '57
Mr. Caleb Dorfman '09
Mr. Laurence W. Ehrhardt '90
Ms. Isabel L. Elliman '12
Ms. Kendra C. Emhiser '07
Ms. Isabelle S. Kinsolving Farrar '02
Ms. Elizabeth Cleveland Fenzel '01
Ms. JJ Fetter '85
Mr. John J. Flynn '00
Mr. Dwight L. Gertz '73
Mr. William E. Gladstone '79
Mr. Arthur C. Gleason '93
Mrs. Louise Gleason
Mr. Michael E. Gooch-Breault '92
Ms. Lisa H. Gosselin '84
Ms. Katherine E. Hagemann '09 B.A, '14 M.E.Sc
Ms. Emily C. Hill '07
Mr. Stanley K. Honey '78
Mr. Robert H. Hopkins, Jr. '81
Ms. Jennifer Burlingame Hoyle '05 B.S '10 M.E.M.
Mr. Mike Yue Huang '96 B.S. '05 M.B.A.
Mrs. Suzanne E. Huminski '91
Mr. Peter F. Isler '78
Ms. Meredith Christine Killion '05
Mr. Arthur Berard Kinsolving '03
Mr. Martin Kits Van Heyningen '81
Ms. Elizabeth Lucile Kratzig '96
Mr. Zachary Nelson Leonard '89
Ms. Harriet Rogers Linskey '82
Ms. Catherine Hyde Littlefield '04
Mr. George F. Malcolmson II '03
Mr. Lawrence Matthews
Mr. Harry Eben Mattison '94
Ms. Elizabeth F. McCance '89
Mr. Jonathan D. McKee '83
Mr. Stuart Pfeiffer McNay '05
Ms. Marla Menninger '10
Mr. Joseph R. Morris '12
Mr. David M. Murphy '86
Mr. H. Coleman Norris '53
Mr. David B. Perry '77
Mr. Patrick T. Seaver '72
Mr. Karl David Seibert '99
Mr. Ezra Charles Smith '95
Mr. Philip P. Stemler '07 
Mr. Wallace J. Stenhouse, Jr. '49
Mr. Stephen E. Taylor '73
Mr. David B. Vietor '63
Mr. Richard R. Vietor '64
Mr. Dana Forbes Worth '04