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Yale University
Student Athlete Laptop Loan Program
(Reservations 432-1435)


The NCAA annually provides each Division I institution funding for enhancement of academic support systems for student-athletes. The Department of Athletics has designated part of these funds for the purchase of laptop computers to be used by student-athletes while traveling to away contests, or while participating in required practice and competition during recess periods. This allows athletes to have access to computers even while away from Yale, and makes available to them computer resources comparable to those shared by the general student body.

The laptop computers are available to athletes for all academic assignments and will enable them to work while absent from the University for athletic events. Athletes will be solely responsible for the full cost of computers (at $2,000 per computer) if they are not returned, or are lost or stolen while in the athletes' possession. Appeals of payments can be made to an Athletic Department Committee comprised of the athletic director, the faculty athletic representative, a representative coach, the athlete's coach and a student representative.

Procedures for Check-out/Check-in:

Reservations for use of a laptop computer can be made via email at Students must reserve the computer up to two days prior to a road trip or recess period and must return the computer at the designated time. Sign-out for fall, winter and spring recess periods must be reserved a week prior to the end of classes.

Computers will be checked in and out during regular business hours at the Ray Tompkins House. Reservations are required. The computer will be tested before checkout and the machine properly set up and checked for viruses.

STUDENTS MUST HAVE A YALE UNIVERSITY ID AND WILL BE REQUIRED TO SIGN A LOSS/DAMAGED/INSURANCE AGREEMENT. Students will indicate on the receipt the date and time of return. Machines not returned will be directly billed to the student bursar account.

The Yale Athletics Department is pleased to offer this benefit to our athletes. We ask that you care for this equipment and its security as if it were your own. We strongly recommend that the computers never be left in conspicuous places, and that when athletes are out of their hotel rooms, the computers be checked at the hotel desk. These computers are quite susceptible to theft and the utmost precaution must be used.