Thomas W. Ford '42 Community Outreach Program



  • To bring Yale Athletics and Yale student-athletes into the New Haven community
  • To provide Yale student-athletes with the opportunity to become involved in community programs
  • To provide opportunities for community groups, organizations, and schools to attend Yale athletic events and utilize Yale's athletic facilities and fields
  • To continue to develop new creative programs that benefit the New Haven community

In 1994, Director of Athletics Tom Beckett initiated a focus on community outreach. The program could not be possible without the tireless efforts of the Yale student athletes. The Thomas W. Ford '42 Community Outreach Program was established in 1996 to bring Yale Athletics and Yale student-athletes into the New Haven community. The program is overseen by a member of the athletics department and run by our Community Outreach Committee (COC). The COC is an organization made up of student-athletes who are committed to enhancing the Department of Athletics Community Outreach Program in the New Haven community. Each of our 35 varsity teams has a representative on the committee running the academic year outreach program.

The Thomas W. Ford '42 Outreach is growing each year and has become recognized as a tremendous resource for bringing many New Haven children and their families to Yale's Campus. The program runs a number of clinics, activities, and provides a number of tickets to Yale sporting events for the youth of New Haven.



Student-Athlete Community Outreach Committee (COC)

"Commitment to the Community"

COC was founded in 1995 to help develop the Department of Athletics community outreach program.

The Thomas W. Ford '42 Student-Athlete Community Outreach Committee (COC) is an affiliate organization of Dwight Hall at Yale. Our members are varsity student-athletes, club sports athletes, intramural, and recreational athletes. Simply, we are undergraduates who share an interest in sports and community service.

The main goal of COC activities is two-fold. We strive to bring Yale student-athletes and Yale Athletics into the New Haven community and to bring the New Haven community onto the Yale campus to be a part of Yale Athletics. COC members volunteer at hospitals and schools but also organize events at Yale's gyms and playing fields. Regular COC meetings take place in the evenings at the Ray Tompkins House or Dwight Hall.

COC Organization:
The committee is made up of student-athletes who act as community outreach liaisons to their respective teams and outreach programs. In addition to organizing efforts within their teams, committee members coordinate overall activities for the COC, as well plan monthly meetings. They further promote the on campus and serve as a resource to undergraduate organizations. They meet weekly with the athletic department advisor in working to make the program better each and every day. The goal of this committee is to have all 35 teams actively involved.

The amount of time dedicated by each COC member varies according to the individual's level of interest. COC Officers and project coordinators meet weekly to plan outreach activities, some volunteers meet weekly with their young Bulldog Buddies, while other student-athletes might only participate at one Youth Day a year. Members' time commitments vary according to the constraints of their athletic schedule and are decided by each individual.

COC Structure:

  • Program Leaders
  • Individual student-athletes

Yale Athletics Community Outreach Staff:

Jeremy Makins: Associate Athletic Director
Sam Burrell: Community Outreach Consultant

Outreach Award: · 1997 Athletic Management Magazine Award of Excellence

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call (203) 432-1402.