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Holly Archibald  

Holly Archibald

Community Rowing Director/Head Coach High School Program

Holly has recently taken over the position of Director of the Yale Community Rowing Program, which she has been part of since 2002.  She has been the acting head coach of the High School Program during her tenure, and she is excited to continue that role while developing new opportunities to expose children throughout this community to the sport of rowing.

When asked about her first rowing memory, Holly explains, “I remember babysitting for a family during high school and the mother had participated in crew while in college.  She had a picture hanging on the wall of her team racing.  There was something so amazing about that level of teamwork and intensity…I knew I wanted to try that!”  

Holly is a 2001 graduate of Skidmore College with Summa Cum Laude Honors, where she was the Varsity Women's coxswain for three years, team captain for two years, and team MVP award winner for her senior year. A native of Monroe, CT she now resides in Southbury with her husband and three children, and works in Oxford as a Sales Director for PRO Scientific Inc. 

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2014 Yale Community Rowing Staff
Summer Staff 2014
Holly Archibald, Skidmore College; Jamie Goldstein, Springfield College; Nicole Arrato, Fordham; John Dearborn, University of Connecticut;  Jon Robinson, Southern CT. State; Ashley Miller, Eastern CT. State; Jane Kozey, Yale; Stephanie Orts, University of Connecticut; Isaac Morrier, Yale; Dan Arrato, Oxford HS; Tyler Panek, Oxford HS

Summer Staff 2013

Holly Archibald, Skidmore College; Jamie Goldstein, Springfield College; Nicole Arrato, Fordham; Ashley Fichthorn, Tennessee; John Dearborn, University of Connecticut;  Jon Robinson, Southern CT. State; Ashley Miller, Eastern CT. State; Jane Kozy, Yale; Stephanie Orts, University of Connecticut

Summer Staff 2012

Jamie Goldstein, Springfield College; Juliet Caragianis, Yale; Holly Archibald, Skidmore; Nina Demmerle, Yale; Kristina Wagner, Yale; Nicole Arrato, (Fordham’ 15); Jose Alvarado, Connecticut; Natalie Lapides, Yale; Ashley Fichthorn, Tennessee; John Dearborn, Connecticut;  Jon Robinson, (Southern CT. State - lifeguard).

Summer Staff 2011

Jamie Goldstein, Springfield College; Emma McBurney, Yale; Holly Archibald, Skidmore; Abby Loucks, Yale; Claire Tolson, Yale; Jane Kozey, Yale; Nicole Arrato, (intern); Seymone Killins, Franklin and Marshall; Ashley Fichthorn, Tennessee; Carrie Dillaway, Bates; John Dearborn, Connecticut;  Danielle Mastrony, (lifeguard).

Summer Staff 2010

Jamie Goldstein, Springfield College; Colin Corcoran, Yale; Holly Archibald, Skidmore; Natalie King, Yale; Karisten Strong, Fairfield; Katie D’Andrea, Yale; Nicole Arrato, (intern); Katie Miner, Southern Connecticut State; Brittany Bowman, Yale; Seymone Killins, Franklin and Marshall; Ashley Fichthorn, Tennessee; Carrie Dillaway, Bates; John Dearborn, Connecticut; Emma McBurney, Yale; Danielle Mastrony, (lifeguard); Colin Corcoran, Yale.

Summer Staff 2009

Cathy & Lizzy McDermott, Yale; Jonathan Martin, Yale; Jamie Goldstein, Springfield College; Danielle Mastrony, (lifeguard); Katherine Dyke, Yale; Josh Tarini, Loyola (MD); Audrey Coon, Western Washington; Nikki Grigg, Yale; Katie Miner, Southern Connecticut State; Karisten Strong, Fairfield; Holly Archibald, Skidmore; Dara Dickson, Yale

Summer Staff 2008

Amanda Grady, Yale; Lauren Ross, Yale; Jamie Goldstein, Springfield College; David McIntosh, Yale; Danielle Mastrony, (lifeguard); William Martin, Yale; Foster Hays, Yale; Josh Tarini, Loyola (MD); Liz Kalina, Yale; Bianca Czaderna, Williams; Katie Miner, Southern Connecticut State; Karisten Strong, Fairfield; Alex Thompson, Yale; Holly Archibald, Skidmore.

Summer Staff 2007

Tess Gerrand, Yale;  Karisten Strong, Fairfield; Katie Miner, Southern Connecticut State; Maren McCrea, Yale; Danielle Mastrony, (lifeguard); Alexandra Wilde, Yale;  Foster Hays, Yale; Holly Archibald, Skidmore; Catherine Hart, Yale; Christine Glandorf, Yale; Lee Glandorf, Yale; John Person, Alabama;  Mary Pat Wixted, Yale; Holly Archibald, Skidmore.

Summer Staff 2006

Jennifer Lin, Yale; Andrew Foltz, Western Washington; Joseph Beck, Yale; Cara Dermody, Yale; Kevin Haley, Ithaca; Emily Matykiewicz, Yale; Katie Miner, Robert Morris; Anna Padilla, Northeastern; Christina Person, Yale; Jamie Redman, Yale; Amanda Rich, Yale; Karisten Strong, Fairfield; Meg Sullivan, Yale; Holly Archibald, Skidmore; Danielle Mastrony, (lifeguard).

Summer Staff 2005

Patrick Beedling, Yale; Tess Casey, Boston College; Julia Domina, North Carolina; Alexis Fleckenstein, Yale; Karyn Gallagher, St. Joseph's; Jennifer Hansen, Yale; Foster Hays, Yale; Jason Hsueh, Yale; Melissa King, Yale; Jennifer Lin, Yale; Danielle Mastrony (lifeguard);  Justine Murphy, Yale; Christopher Peters, Central Connecticut State; Cat Reibel, Yale; Lauren Schiappa, Clark; Kristen Schwarz, Yale; Michael Smith, Yale; Nikki Stob, Iowa.


Summer Staff 2004

Julia Andress, Yale; Emily Cleveland, Yale; Alexis Fleckenstein, Yale; Jaime Fowler, Vassar; Troy Gann, Oregon Stat; Christine Geiser, Yale; Kevin Haley, Ithaca;  Jason Hsue, Yale; Amanda Kendrick, Yale; Katie Kennedy, Georgetown; Jeffrey Mascia, Yale; Danielle Mastrony (lifeguard); Cora Olson, Smith; Marcelino Pantoja, Yale; Cynthia Savoca, Gonzaga; Maria Stevens, Yale; Austin Taylor, Yale.

Summer Staff 2003

Summer Coaches
Jessica Den Houter, Northwestern;  Kevin Haley, Ithaca College; Chris Heller, Yale; Amanda Kendrick, Yale; Mark Mannion, Yale; Kathryn Rock, University of New Hampshire (lifeguard);  Kristen Taschereau, University of New Hampshire; Gwen Williams, St. Lawrence University; Holly Yacko, Skidmore.  

Summer Staff 2002

Summer Coaches
Gwynna Biggers, Yale; Jennifer Gilbert, Univ. of Georgia; Karla Landis, Western Washington; Kevin Haley, Ithaca College; Ben Knipe, Dartmouth; Nick Moringo, Dartmouth; Kate Strum, Bates; Adria Negelow, Univ. of Georgia; Holly Yacko, Skidmore; Trevor Vernal, Rider (lifeguard);  Shelley Kohan, Syracuse (lifeguard).

Summer Staff 2001

John Spencer, Yale Divinity School; Ivette Delgado, Yale; Kendra McLaughlin, Yale; Jon Mikhalevsky, Yale; Sue Vanderhill, Yale; Jackie Dyer, Fairfield; Danielle Koziura, Fairfield; Samantha Lombardi, Fairfield; Megan Magura, Fairfield; Kate McGrath, Dartmouth; Kate Nattress, Wesleyan; Rebecca Johnson, Williams.

Summer Staff 2000

Bill Gladsby, Yale SOM; Kendra McLaughlin, Yale; Jon Mikhalevsky, Yale; Rob Welch, Yale; Caitlin Nelson, Yale; Beth Anderson, Bates; Scott Dolff, Yale Divinity.

Summer Staff 1999

Beth Anderson, Bates; Oliver Mihaljevic, Yale; Melanie Petrunia, Yale; Kate Wetmore, Yale.

Summer Staff 2002

Yale Community Rowing Staff 2002 






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