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Boosters MAY:

  • Notify or forward information to appropriate members of Yale's coaching staff about a prospect in your area.
  • Attend a prospect's athletics contest as long as no contact is made with the prospect, his/her relatives or friends, or any other individual (e.g., coach, principal, or counselor) regarding the academic or athletics ability of the prospect.
  • Accept telephone calls initiated by prospects that are not related to Yale athletics.

All recruiting or athletics questions must be deferred to the appropriate Yale coaching staff.

Boosters MAY NOT:

  • Contact a prospect or his/her relatives or friends for recruiting purposes. This includes contact via telephone, mail, email, instant messenger, or fax. Also, face-to-face contact cannot be made on- or off-campus for the purpose of recruiting.
  • Assist Yale's coaching staff by picking up transcripts, films, or any other information from a prospect's educational institution (i.e., evaluation activities).
  • Provide benefits of any kind (e.g., clothing, special discounts, lodging, meals, transportation, loans, etc.) to a prospect or his/her relatives or friends.
  • Contact a prospect to congratulate him/her on being accepted to Yale
  • Make contact with a prospect or his/her parents while on campus for an official or unofficial visit.
  • Provide or arrange for transportation for a prospect or his/her relatives or friends to visit campus.
  • Employ or arrange for employment of a prospect until the completion of his/her senior year in high school, graduation, or withdrawal from prep school/junior college. At that point, prospects may be employed, but compensation must be for work actually performed and at a rate commensurate with experience.

Boosters and Student-Athletes

Boosters MAY:

  • Provide student-athletes with occasional meals. These meals may be catered, but must take place at the booster's home. All meals must be pre-approved by the Yale Compliance Office.
  • Employ or arrange for employment of a student-athlete during the academic year or summer, provided:
    • Compensation is only for work actually performed;
    • Compensation is paid at a rate commensurate with the going rate for similar services in that locale;
    • Compensation is in no way related to the student-athlete's value or utility due to the publicity, reputation, fame, or personal following obtained because of athletics ability; and
    • All employment activities must be reported to the Yale Compliance Office.

Boosters MAY NOT:

  • Pay or arrange for payment of room, board, or transportation at any time for currently enrolled student-athletes, their relatives, or friends.
  • Provide a student-athlete or his/her relatives or friends with any type of extra benefit, or any benefit not available to the general student body.
  • Provide special discounts (e.g., free or reduced meals/housing), payment arrangements (e.g., cosigning a loan), credits on a purchase (e.g., frequent flyer miles), or services (e.g., transportation, use of telephone) to student-athletes, their relatives, or friends.
  • Provide awards or gifts to student-athletes for any reason, including honorariums for speaking engagements.
  • Entertain student-athletes or their family or friends.