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Welcome to the compliance website. This page is designed to provide you with information, rules education, and access to compliance forms. If you have any questions regarding any of this information or compliance matters in general, please do not hesitate to contact us. To access forms, please go to the ARMS website.

Requirements for Practice
Each academic year, all student-athletes must complete the following requirements prior to participating in any team activities:

  1. Online NCAA Eligibility Paperwork
  2. Eligibility Meeting
  3. Medical Clearance

Participation is prohibited until these requirements have been satisfied and you have been notified by the Compliance Office.

* Walk-Ons/Tryouts
The Compliance Office must be notified prior to walk-ons or tryouts engaging in any practice activities. The requirements are the same as with incoming and returning student-athletes.

* Male Practice Players
Male practice players may be utilized by women's teams provided they are certified as eligible to practice. Members of men's varsity teams may not be utilized as male practice players. Please see the full regulations concerning male practice players.

Countable Athletically Related Activity
Daily and weekly hour limitations exist for both in-season and out-of-season practice activities:

  • In-Season: Countable athletically related activities (e.g., practice, strength & conditioning, meetings, film, etc.) may not exceed 4 hours per day and 20 hours per week.
  • Out-of-Season: Countable athletically related activities may not exceed 6 hours per week of voluntary activity, no more than 2 of which can be skill instruction.

Ivy Rest Periods
Ivy League Rest Period legislation mandates that student-athletes must be given a total of 49 days during which there is no required team athletics activity, no voluntary activity under the supervision of a team coach, no team activities (e.g., captain's practices), and no team or individual athletics activities as the result of encouragement by the coaching staff.  The reading week and finals week must be used as a rest period during a team's nonchampionship segment.

Recruiting Calendars
Recruiting calendars govern what type of recruiting activities and/or contact you may engage in with prospects. Please be sure to check your recruiting calendar before you schedule on-campus visits and off-campus recruiting trips.

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Football Men's Lacrosse Women's Lacrosse
Softball Volleyball Track &Field/Cross Country
All Other Sports  

Official Visits

Coaches may provide one official visit to a prospect after the beginning of his/her senior year in high school. The following requirements must be met prior to the start of an official visit:

  1. A high school transcript must be on file in the Compliance Office;
  2. A copy of test scores must be provided to the Compliance Office or the NCAA Eligibility Center.
  3. The prospect must be registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center and must be placed on Yale Institutional Request List (IRL) prior to the visit; and
  4. An Official Visit Approval Form should be completed on ARMS and submitted with the above information.

Following an official visit, the Student Host Form and the Prospect Letter should be returned to the Compliance Office.

Unofficial Visits
Prospects may visit campus at their own cost at any time except during a dead period. Benefits or expenses of any kind may not be provided during unofficial visits. Once on campus, transportation may be provided to any on-campus facility or any home athletics facility that is off-campus.