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 Representative of Athletics Interest (Booster): You are a representative of Yale's athletics interests, or a booster, under ANY of the following conditions:

  • You are a member of any organization that promotes Yale athletics (e.g., sport associations).
  • You have made financial contributions to Yale athletics. You have assisted or have been asked to assist in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes.
  • You have provided benefits (e.g., summer jobs or occasional meals) to enrolled student-athletes or their families.
  • You have promoted Yale athletics in any way.


Prospective Student-Athlete (Prospect/Recruit):
A prospect is any individual that has started classes for the 9th grade. Individuals enrolled at preparatory schools or two-year colleges are also considered prospects. Individuals maintain prospect status until enrolled full-time at a four-year collegiate institution. In men's basketball, a prospect is any individual that has started classes for the 7th grade.

A student-athlete is any individual enrolled in classes who participates in Yale's athletics program. This includes both recruited individuals and walk-ons.

Extra Benefit:
An extra benefit is any special arrangement by a Yale employee or booster to provide a student-athlete, or a student-athlete's relatives or friends, a benefit not authorized by the NCAA, or not available to the general student body or a particular segment of the student body (e.g., international students), on a basis unrelated to athletics.