Yale University - Official and Unofficial Visits


A. Official visits (paid visit): an official visit to a member institution by a prospective student athlete is a visit financed in whole or in part by the member institution. e.g., meal cards, on or off campus snacks, transportation, entertainment, housing, etc.

1. A prospect is limited to one paid visit to Yale and no more than five paid visits to all institutions.

2. Academic Requirements for Official Visit:

a. A prospective student athlete must present, in writing through an official high-school or testing-agency document, a PSAT, SAT, PLAN (or PACT Plus) or ACT test score

b. A prospect must present a high school transcript prior to making an official visit. The academic transcript may be an unofficial photocopy of an official document.

3. An official visit may last no longer than 48 hours commencing at the time the prospect arrives on campus.

a. A prospect may remain in the locale in which the institution is located after the permissible 48-hour period for reasons unrelated to the official visit, provided that at the completion of the 48-hour visit, the individual departs the institution's campus, and the institution does not pay any expenses thereafter, including the cost of return transportation.

B. Unofficial visit (non-paid visit): The prospective student-athlete visits Yale at his or her own expense.

1. There is no limit on the number of unofficial visits a prospect may take.

2. Unofficial visits may occur prior to the senior year in high school.

3. Yale may provide a prospect on an unofficial visit only the following:

a. Three complimentary admissions to a Yale home contest.. Admission must be granted via a gate list and is for use by the prospect and those persons accompanying the prospect on the visit. Admission must be issued on an individual game basis and seating may be provided in the general seating area only.

b. Yale may provide transportation when accompanied by an institutional staff member, only to view off-campus practice facilities and competition sites within a 30-mile radius of the Yale campus.

c. An athletic staff member may arrange academic interviews for a prospect.

d. No arrangements for special parking may be made by an institutional staff member.

e. * Men's basketball is not permitted to host anyone on an unofficial visit in the month of July.