70 Central Avenue, New Haven, CT 06515

The Yale Armory, located on Central Avenue in between the intramural fields and the softball field is one of the Athletic Department's greatest secrets. The Armory was built in 1916 as a U.S. cavalry training center and covers approximately 61,000 sq. feet of space. The building was also one of the early locker rooms for the Yale Football team, which practiced on the nearby fields. The building is divided into separate areas containing the Small Bore Shooting Range, Intramurals Storage and the Grounds Maintenance Shed.

The Small Bore Shooting Range is the home of the Yale Rifle Club and contains six moveable target areas with a cinderblock/canvas deflector. There is also storage as well as a team room there.

Facing the intramural fields, the Sport and Recreation Department has an athletic equipment/supplies storage area and intramurals administrative office located there. The intramural area supplies the 2100 athletes and 20 outdoor sports represented by the program.

The outdoor fields and buildings are under the watchful eyes and supervision of the grounds and maintenance staff. The staff is supervised by Tom Pepe. The Grounds Maintenance Garage area holds all of the large and small machinery, supplies and chemicals, and a mechanical shop to keep all of the equipment ready for any job necessary of the staff. The crew performs regular grounds maintenance and such specialized jobs as lining and decorating the athletic fields, cross cutting and manicuring the turf on the fields, and protecting the fields from being destroying by insect populations and the environment.