You must read the 2018 Student Tailgate Village Rules before submitting your registration

I. Advance Approval
Each sponsoring organization/host wishing to obtain a 2018 Student Tailgate Permit (STP) must register and apply with the Department of Athletics by 5pm, the Thursday before each home game.  STP’s in the Tailgate Village are available to Yale Residential Colleges and other student groups/organizations. Student Tailgate Permits are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

II. Responsibility of Host/Sponsoring Organization
For each organized student tailgate, a host or sponsoring organization must be designated in advance. That individual or organization assumes responsibility for the orderly conduct and prompt conclusion of the event, as well as for cleaning the area used. In addition, the host or sponsoring organization will be liable for any expenses arising from damage to University premises or property. If alcoholic beverages are to be served, the host, who must be of legal drinking age, assumes responsibility for adherence to the state law that prohibits the service of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of twenty-one or to anyone who is intoxicated.

Sponsoring organizations/hosts are expected to follow all 2018 Yale University Football Tailgate Policies.

III. General Responsibility of Students
Yale College recognizes its students to be responsible adults and believes that they should behave in a manner that does not endanger themselves or others and that is in compliance with state and local laws regarding the consumption, sale, and delivery of alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, students will be held fully responsible for their own behavior, even when acting under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Infractions of the alcohol regulations as well as any alcohol-related behavior that violates the Undergraduate Regulations will be subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate University officials. In such cases, the association of alcoholic beverages with problem behavior will not be seen as a mitigating factor and may be seen as an exacerbating factor.

Students are strongly encouraged to call or ask for medical assistance for themselves or for a friend who is dangerously intoxicated; such a request for emergency help does not in itself lead to disciplinary charges.

IV. Compliance with State Statutes
The legal drinking age in Connecticut is twenty-one. The law provides that anyone who delivers or gives an alcoholic beverage to a person under the legal drinking age or to any person who is intoxicated is in violation of the law and subject to the imposition of penalties as designated by statute. It is similarly a violation of the law for a person under the legal drinking age to possess alcohol or to misrepresent his or her age, through the use of a fraudulent identification card or otherwise, in order to be served alcoholic beverages illegally.

Connecticut statutes explicitly forbid the sale of alcoholic beverages unless the seller holds a state liquor license. Stratagems such as the sale of chits, potato chips, set-ups, or any article that may be redeemed for alcoholic beverages are the equivalent of paying money for alcoholic beverages and are prohibited. No admission may be charged or accepted for cocktail parties or other drinking parties no matter how named.

All student social functions, organized and private, must be in compliance with state and local laws. It is the responsibility of the host (or host organization) to ensure compliance with state and local laws and with appropriate University regulations.

V. Service of Alcoholic Beverages
Any service of alcoholic beverages at Yale football tailgates must be in full compliance with the laws of the State of Connecticut and the Yale College regulations on alcoholic beverages. HOCs, deans, and University Police are authorized to request a student’s identification card in order to confirm that he or she has reached legal drinking age.

VI. Wristband Policy
Upon entry into the student tailgate area, All guests, students and alumni entering the student tailgate area will need to present valid identification. Those persons over the age of 21 will receive a wristband, which permits the consumption of alcohol.

VII. Non-alcoholic Beverages and Food
At any event at which alcoholic beverages are served, there must also be available non-alcoholic beverages and food in adequate amounts.

VIII. Attempts to be Served Illegally
Any attempt by a student who is under the legal drinking age to be served alcoholic beverages illegally at an organized social function, for example by using false or fraudulent identification documents in order to misrepresent his or her age, is a violation of the Undergraduate Regulations and will subject the student to disciplinary action by the appropriate University officials.

IX. Failure to Comply
Violations of this policy may result in the forfeiture of a tailgating permit on-the-spot, the loss of eligibility to purchase additional tailgating permits, citations or even arrest. Student violations of this policy are subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate University officials.

Online Registration

I acknowledge that I am the primary host or designated representative of the sponsoring group for the requested Student Tailgate Permit. I, or I on behalf of the sponsoring organization, have read, understand and agree to abide by all University policies and procedures applicable to this event. I also understand that failure to comply with the University's policies and procedures applicable to tailgate events may result in the loss of privileges to sponsor such events in the future.