April 4, 2013

Mandi Schwartz: Other Ways to Help


Marrow donors, and umbilical cord blood donors, help save the lives of 1,000s of patients with life-threatening illnesses.

You can help patients in need by simply spreading the word of the need for donors to your family and friends, or by getting the message directly to those most likely to be able to help with umbilical cord blood donations: expectant couples, OB-GYNs and delivery hospitals. You can also help by getting tested (a simple cheek swab) to see if you could be a marrow donor match for 1,000s of patients in need. 

1. Attend the White Out for Mandi or the Mandi Schwartz Marrow Donor Registration Drive at Yale

2. Send a card or letter showing your support:

Schwartz Family
Box 308
Wilcox, SK S0G 5EO

3. Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, Mandi's high school, has a Mandi Schwartz Bursary Fund and is selling "Mandi Inspires Me" wristbands.

4. Become an umbilical cord blood donor:

5. Join the bone marrow donor registry:

Add a Twibbon supporting Mandi to your Twitter account: