No. 6 Bulldogs March On

No. 6 Bulldogs March On

Team Competes Across New England

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Fresh off a strong finish at the Harry Anderson Trophy, the No. 6 Bulldogs will travel north for their next challenge.  Yale will compete in the Hatch Brown Trophy, a three-division intersectional hosted by Boston University at MIT's boathouse, the Lake Champlain Open at Vermont, and the Boston Harbor Invitational at Boston College.

The Charles River is one of college sailing's most storied – and infamous – venues.  At least five schools practice in the river's lower basin, the same waters Paul Revere rowed across to begin his midnight ride in 1775.  Though British warships no longer guard the Charles, it is not without hazards, namely, rowers and wild windshifts.  Sailboats and rowing shells share the water, and it is not uncommon for vessels racing to cross paths.  Dinghies, the more maneuverable crafts, will usually give way to their human-powered counterparts.  Even in the absence of floating hazards the wind on the Charles River has left many a college sailor entirely befuddled. Before a breeze ever reaches the Charles it must snake its way through the tall buildings of Boston and Cambridge.  The urban labyrinth can twist the wind in incoherent ways, making it difficult for a sailor to predict where the wind will come from next.  The wind can shift radically and it is not unusual for boats to sail in the same direction on opposite tacks.  

Most college regattas use a two-division format.  The Hatch Brown, however, will add a C-division and require FJs from Boston University, Harvard and MIT.  Junior Joseph Morris will skipper A division for the Bulldogs, with freshman Amanda Salvesen crewing.  Morris and Salvesen sailed together in high school for Severn.  Sophomore Cameron Cullman and senior Blair Belling will pair together in B division, and freshman Chris Segerblom will skipper for senior Elizabeth Brim in C division.  The regatta is named for Hatch Brown, a Boston University sailor and former Sailing Master at MIT. 

Yale will also trek to Burlington, Vt., for the Lake Champlain Open.  The regatta, sailed in FJs, is one of the few in Vermont that Yale attends each year.  Juniors Rob Struckett and Isabel Elliman will sail together in A division, and senior Andrew Kurzrok will skipper for sophomore Grace Zimmerly in B division.   The Bulldogs did not attend the event last year, but Kurzrok sailed the regatta as a freshman. 

Lastly, a team will travel to Chestnut Hill, Mass., for the Boston Harbor Invitational hosted by Boston College.  BC races 420s in a venue somewhat similar to the McNay Family Sailing Center.   Juniors Genoa Warner and Steph Schuyler will race A division and freshmen Max Nickbarg and Anna Han will race B division.  

Gale force winds will blow through New England through Friday and Hurricane Igor menaces off the coast.  While the National Weather Service does not predict a direct strike from Igor, its effects may be felt across the region throughout the weekend. 

Racing will begin Saturday at 9:30 a.m.

Report by Andrew Kurzrok '11, Yale Sports Publicity