No. 7 Bulldogs Sail For Ivy Repeat

No. 7 Bulldogs Sail For Ivy Repeat

No. 7 Bulldogs Sail For Ivy Repeat

Bulldogs Hope to Win Mosbacher Trophy For Fourth Year in a Row

NEW HAVEN, Conn.—The No. 7 Yale co-ed sailing team is set to sail for all of the Ivy League marbles at the Owen, Mosbacher and Knapp Trophies hosted this year by the US Merchant Marine Academy in King's Point, N.Y. The Bulldogs have a very busy weekend and will also travel to Norfolk, Va., for the Aaron Szambecki Team Race hosted by Old Dominion University, to Cambridge, Mass. for the Boston Dinghy Cup hosted by MIT and to Newport, R.I., for the Southern Series Two hosted by Salve Regina.

Originally sailed separately, the Owen, Mosbacher and Knapp trophies have been combined into one regatta since 2009. The Owen Trophy includes the charter members of the Intercollegiate Sailing Association as well as Coast Guard and Navy as well as their traditional rivals. The Owen Trophy is given to the overall winner of the regatta. It is named for MIT professor George Owen who in 1936 designed the infamous Tech dinghy. The Mosbacher Trophy is awarded to the top Ivy League finisher, thus making it sailing's closest competition to another sport's Ivy League championship. It honors Dartmouth sailor Emil Mosbacher Jr. who followed an extremely successful college career by defending two America's cups. The Knapp trophy is awarded to the top finisher among the Ivy League's big three: Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

Last year, the Bulldogs won the entire regatta and thus claimed the Owen Trophy for beating all of the other schools as well as the Mosbacher Trophy and the Knapp Trophy for the third year in a row putting them on top of the Ivy League sailing world. Skipper Thomas Barrows '10 and senior crew Blair Belling sailed in A division for the Bulldogs with junior captain skipper Joseph Morris and crew Marla Menninger '10 in B division, taking the win over Brown by 18 points.

This year the Bulldogs will once again face tough competition for both trophies. Because the event attracts the top schools, colleges that are neither in the Ivy League or service academies come to the event to sail for the Owen trophy and the overall win despite the fact that the regatta is not an intersectional. Both No. 9 Brown and No. 20 Dartmouth have pulled out of the regatta this week, making the Bulldogs' top Ivy League foe perennial rival No. 8 Harvard.

Six Bulldogs will also make the almost 10-hour drive down to Norfolk, Va., to the Aaron Szambecki Team Race. The Bulldogs did not compete at the Szambecki last season but are making the trek in order to face some top team racing competition against some out-of-region foes. The Bulldogs will team race against the new No. 1 in co-ed sailing, the College of Charleston as well as No. 3 Georgetown, No. 4 Roger Williams, No. 5 St. Mary's, No. 6 Navy, No. 11 Stanford and No. 13 Old Dominion.

A third group will travel to Cambridge, Mass., for the three-division Boston Dinghy Cup hosted by MIT. The Bulldogs will not get to use MIT's quirky Tech dinghies as Harvard is loaning its FJs to the regatta which means two divisions will be on the water sailing FJs while one will have an off set on land. The Boston Dinghy Cup is one of the few events of the year that is made up of three divisions rather than the normal two.

A fourth group will head to Salve Regina in Newport, R.I., for the Southern Series Two. Last year the Bulldogs finished second at the event with juniors skipper Genoa Warner and crew Stephanie Schuyler finishing fifth in A division and sophomore skipper Emily Billing and junior crew Jared Shenson winning B division. Salve Regina often offers interesting and sometimes breezy sailing at their lovely venue. Racing will take place in 420s.

While the Yale women's sailing team will have the weekend off from women's sailing due to their choice not to participate in the Duplin Team Race, many of the women's skippers will sail for the Bulldogs at coed events across the east coast. Racing will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the two Mid-Atlantic regattas, the Szambecki Team Race and the Owen, Mosbacher and Knapp trophies, while the two New England Regattas, the Boston Dinghy Cup and the Southern Series Two, will begin at 9:30 a.m.

Report filed by Margot Benedict '12, Yale Sports Publicity