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Bulldogs to Sail at Showcase Semi-Final

Photo by Chad Lyons
Photo by Chad Lyons

The Bulldogs will compete at the first-ever coed showcase semi-final event this weekend at Harvard. Yale sailors will also compete at Dartmouth, Salve Regina (R.I.) and the Larchmont (N.Y.) Yacht Club.


Sailing for Yale:


Showcase Semi-Final (Harvard)

(A)  Nic Baird / Sonia Lingos-Utley

(B)  Shawn Harvey / Graceann Nicolosi

Hewitt (Dartmouth)

(A)  Nick Hernandez / Catherine Webb

(B)  Dylan DiMarchi / Meredith Ryan

(C)  Nicholas Marwell / Cate Mollerus

Sister Ester (Salve Regina)

(A)  Sam Tobin / Alexandra Contomichalos

(B)  Christophe Chaumont / Helena Ware

Storm Trisail (Larchmont)

(J111) Emery Wallace, Martin Tipton, Adam Wolnikowski, Jacob Asher, Liviu Mosnoi and Katie Clulo


The showcase semifinal will have half of the country's best teams and serve as a qualifier for the finals held at St. Mary's on October 20-21. The team must finish in the top nine to qualify for the next round.


The wind looks quite light again this weekend. Dartmouth and Harvard are two of the shiftiest venues in college sailing, which will make things challenging for the Bulldogs. 



Follow scores at and Yale sailing's Instagram page for live video @yale_sailing.


Report filed by Nic Baird '19, Yale Sports Publicity