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Yale University Basketball Yale Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 06, 2010) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ vs Sacred Heart 11/13/09 86-92 L 35-Zampier, Alex 9-Gibson, Jorda 4-Braswell, Por 6-Gibson, Jorda None vs Hofstra 11/16/09 63-68 L 18-Zampier, Alex 7-Sands, Michae 6-Grace, Michae 5-Zampier, Alex 1-Nelson, Paul Gibson, Jorda vs Colgate 11/17/09 65-55 W 16-Zampier, Alex 12-Sands, Michae 2-Willhite, Reg 3-Willhite, Reg 2-Gibson, Jorda Zampier, Alex Zampier, Alex Sands, Michae QUINNIPIAC 11/21/09 64-71 L 29-Zampier, Alex 7-Gibson, Jorda 5-Zampier, Alex 5-Zampier, Alex 1-Anderson, Rhe Morgan, Austi Zampier, Alex Nelson, Paul vs Charlotte 11/23/09 74-88 L 25-Gibson, Jorda 7-Gibson, Jorda 5-Braswell, Por 2-Zampier, Alex 3-Willhite, Reg vs Elon 11/24/09 69-65 W 17-Zampier, Alex 7-Gibson, Jorda 5-Gibson, Jorda 4-Zampier, Alex 2-Gibson, Jorda at Army 11/28/09 48-64 L 9-Zampier, Alex 5-Gibson, Jorda 2-Braswell, Por 2-Braswell, Por 2-Gibson, Jorda Braswell, Por Grace, Michae Grace, Michae Willhite, Reg Zampier, Alex Gibson, Jorda Mantilla, Raf at HARTFORD 12/02/09 48-46 W 15-Zampier, Alex 11-Nelson, Paul 2-Zampier, Alex 1-Davis, Josh 2-Gibson, Jorda Braswell, Por VERMONT 12/7/09 60-72 L 15-Sands, Michae 7-Nelson, Paul 4-Zampier, Alex 6-Gibson, Jorda 1-Nelson, Paul Gibson, Jorda Mangano, Greg BRYANT 12/9/09 69-54 W 13-Sands, Michae 7-Sands, Michae 7-Grace, Michae 3-Zampier, Alex 3-Mangano, Greg Nelson, Paul at Providence College 12/21/09 78-87 L 25-Zampier, Alex 7-Zampier, Alex 3-Zampier, Alex 2-Nelson, Paul 2-Gibson, Jorda at Colorado 12/29/09 59-70 L 13-Braswell, Por 13-Nelson, Paul 3-Braswell, Por 4-Zampier, Alex 2-Mangano, Greg Sands, Michae Gibson, Jorda Mantilla, Raf at Colorado State 12/31/09 71-93 L 31-Zampier, Alex 6-Nelson, Paul 3-Grace, Michae 2-Willhite, Reg 1-Sands, Michae Mangano, Greg Davis, Josh Gibson, Jorda at ALBANY 1/3/10 68-89 L 19-Zampier, Alex 6-Nelson, Paul 3-Grace, Michae 3-Zampier, Alex 6-Mangano, Greg Braswell, Por at Lehigh 1/5/10 69-75 L 16-Mangano, Greg 14-Mangano, Greg 3-Braswell, Por 1-Willhite, Reg 3-Mangano, Greg Sands, Michae Nelson, Paul Davis, Josh ALBERTUS MAGNUS 1/7/10 92-71 W 17-Morgan, Austi 12-Mangano, Greg 6-Braswell, Por 4-Braswell, Por 4-Davis, Josh Grace, Michae Nelson, Paul NJIT 1/9/10 79-48 W 15-Zampier, Alex 7-Davis, Josh 4-Grace, Michae 2-Zampier, Alex 2-Mangano, Greg Willhite, Reg Nelson, Paul BROWN 1/15/10 66-75 L 15-Sands, Michae 8-Sands, Michae 4-Braswell, Por 3-Zampier, Alex 3-Nelson, Paul Zampier, Alex at Brown 1-22-10 71-63 W 22-Zampier, Alex 11-Mangano, Greg 3-Zampier, Alex 4-Zampier, Alex 5-Mangano, Greg PENN 1/29/10 61-48 W 14-Braswell, Por 7-Mangano, Greg 3-Grace, Michae 3-Zampier, Alex 2-Mangano, Greg Morgan, Austi Gibson, Jorda PRINCETON 1/30/10 45-58 L 14-Sands, Michae 6-Sands, Michae 2-Braswell, Por 1-Braswell, Por 1-Mangano, Greg Davis, Josh Gibson, Jorda Zampier, Alex Nelson, Paul at Cornell 02/05/10 71-90 L 11-Zampier, Alex 5-Gibson, Jorda 3-Zampier, Alex 1-Willhite, Reg 3-Gibson, Jorda Nelson, Paul Sands, Michae at Columbia 02/06/10 79-64 W 18-Zampier, Alex 10-Mangano, Greg 2-Zampier, Alex 2-Braswell, Por 1-Nelson, Paul Braswell, Por Mangano, Greg
Yale University Basketball Yale Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 06, 2010) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HARVARD 2/12/10 79-82 OL 32-Zampier, Alex 8-Mangano, Greg 3-Zampier, Alex 3-Gibson, Jorda 5-Mangano, Greg Morgan, Austi Zampier, Alex DARTMOUTH 2/13/10 69-56 W 20-Sands, Michae 9-Nelson, Paul 3-Grace, Michae 1-Katz, Brian 2-Mangano, Greg Willhite, Reg Nelson, Paul Grace, Michae Mantilla, Raf at Princeton 02/19/10 58-82 L 11-Mangano, Greg 5-Mangano, Greg 3-Braswell, Por 2-Willhite, Reg 1-Nelson, Paul Zampier, Alex Zampier, Alex Willhite, Reg at Penn 02-20-10 69-81 L 21-Zampier, Alex 10-Nelson, Paul 3-Zampier, Alex 2-Braswell, Por 2-Nelson, Paul at Dartmouth 02/26/10 55-45 W 14-Morgan, Austi 11-Sands, Michae 2-Braswell, Por 2-Braswell, Por 2-Mangano, Greg Zampier, Alex Morgan, Austi Morgan, Austi at Harvard 02-27-10 58-78 L 16-Zampier, Alex 10-Sands, Michae 2-Zampier, Alex 1-Zampier, Alex 3-Mangano, Greg Braswell, Por Sands, Michae Grace, Michae Grace, Michae Mantilla, Raf COLUMBIA 3/5/10 65-48 W 15-Zampier, Alex 9-Sands, Michae 3-Zampier, Alex 2-Zampier, Alex 6-Mangano, Greg Morgan, Austi CORNELL 3/6/10 59-79 L 24-Zampier, Alex 6-Nelson, Paul 4-Braswell, Por 2-Mantilla, Raf None Sands, Michae Zampier, Alex