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Yale Falls to Cornell, Princeton

Yale Falls to Cornell, Princeton

PRINCETON, N.J. – On a rainy Lake Carnegie this Saturday morning the Yale heavyweight crew team ceded the Carnegie Cup to Ivy League rivals Princeton.  The Tigers by all means defended their home course, placing first in three out of four events: the varsity eight, second varsity eight and the freshman eight.  The Cornell Big Red finished second in all four events, while the Yale third varsity crew won its race by over three seconds.  This marks the end of the dual racing season for the Bulldogs and the transition into the championship season.

The third varsity eight began the morning with a win.  The Bulldog 3V defeated Cornell by 3.1 seconds, almost breaking open water.  Another 4.2 seconds separated Cornell from Princeton, making the Yale's margin of victory over the Tigers 7.3 seconds.  Like last year, this crew heads into the Eastern Sprints regatta undefeated, citing wins over Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth and Princeton (the third varsity race was cancelled at the Blackwell Cup this year because of the weather).

What followed were less than desirable outcomes for the remainder of Yale's crews.  The Yale freshman eight placed third with open water separating the Bulldogs from Princeton and Cornell.  This makes the Yale freshman 1-3 for the season, having also not raced against Penn and Columbia last weekend.

Yale's second varsity eight had a better race, finishing in contact with Cornell and posting a faster time than that of the Bulldog varsity eight.  Still this crew finished five seconds back from Princeton, making the Yale 2V 4-2 in dual races.

The final race of the day was the varsity eight event for the Carnegie Cup.  Princeton won, defeating Yale by a 10 second margin and Cornell by a little over a length to bring the trophy back to Shea Rowing Center after a two year hiatus.  The Yale varsity eight finishes 3-3 in dual races, though with the Harvard-Yale Regatta on May 28 hope for a winning record is still alive.


Varsity Eight

Princeton 5:49.2

Cornell 5:52.8

Yale 6:00.1


Second Varsity Eight

Princeton 5:53.0

Cornell 5:57.7

Yale 5:58.4


Third Varsity Eight

Yale 5:58.2

Cornell 6:01.3

Princeton 6:05.5


Freshman Eight

Princeton 5:51.2

Cornell 5:55.7

Yale 6:04.9


The Bulldogs now have three weeks off from racing before arriving in Worcester, Mass., for the Eastern Sprints on May 15.

Report filed by Yale Sports Publicity