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All Boats Advance to Semifinals on Day One at IRA National Championships

Captain Jon Morgan (left) and Emery Schoenly.
Captain Jon Morgan (left) and Emery Schoenly.


Saturday's Heat Sheet

Live Stream 

FOLSOM, Calif. – All three of Yale's crews advanced to Saturday's A/B semifinals on the first day of racing at the 111th IRA National Championships.  The varsity eight and varsity four each took second in their heats to advance directly to the semifinals.  Yale's second varsity eight took third in its heat and had to race in one of the afternoon's repechages where the Bulldogs finished second to advance to Saturday's semifinals.  Racing resumes on Lake Natoma for the Bulldogs Saturday morning at 9:15 a.m. PT (12:15 p.m. ET).

The morning began with Yale's varsity eight racing in the third of four heats.  The Bulldogs came off the start quick, with a stroke rating maxing out in the high 40's.  BU, Washington and Yale were all early contenders for the top two qualifying spots, with Washington getting out front of the other two before the 500-meter mark.  Yale put in a strong move to pull ahead of BU in the third 500 and had the second qualifying spot sewn up by the last few hundred meters of the race.  As Washington cruised to the finish Yale closed the gap to finish bow-stern with the Huskies.  The Bulldogs crossed the line second with a time of 5:47.949, a time that was among the fastest of the morning.

MV8 H3

Order   Entry               Result

1          Washington     5:45.119

2          Yale               5:47.949

3          BU                  5:59.081

4          Drexel             6:03.740

5          Dartmouth       6:08.484

In Saturday's semifinal at 11:45 a.m. local time, Yale will race in lane two against Cornell (lane one), Harvard (lane three), Northeastern (lane four), Brown (lane five) and BU (lane six).  The top three crews will advance to the grand final, the rest will race in the petite final.

The second race of the morning for the Bulldogs was the second varsity eight heat.  Yale was quick off the line and the Bulldogs found themselves in a group of three boats, vying against Brown and Wisconsin for the top two spots.  Brown, the Eastern Sprints champions from two weeks ago, started to carve out a lead but the Bulldogs held their bow in front of Wisconsin's.  Wisconsin came back on Yale in the second thousand and would cross the line second, sending the Bulldogs to the afternoon's repechage.

In the rep Yale's 2V locked into a race in lane five with Syracuse in lane six.  These two crews raced each other down the course, pulling away from the field in the third 500 to lock up the two qualifying spots.  Yale crossed the line second, just 0.8 seconds behind Syracuse, with open water back to Stanford in third.

M2V8 H2

Order   Entry               Result

1          Brown            5:55.467

2          Wisconsin       5:56.530

3          Yale              5:59.432

4          Holy Cross      6:17.393

5          UCSD             6:28.210

M2V8 R2

Order   Entry               Result

1          Syracuse         6:05.235

2          Yale               6:06.002

3          Stanford          6:14.915

4          Dartmouth       6:15.653

5          UCSD              6:26.799

6          Gonzaga         6:27.333

Yale's second varsity eight will race in the second semifinal on Saturday at 11:15 a.m. local time.  As of now the Bulldogs are slated to race in lane six against Cornell (lane one), Harvard (lane two), Brown (lane three), Cal (lane four) and BU (lane five).  The top three crews will advance to the grand final, the rest will race in the petite final.

The final race of Friday morning for Yale was the second of four varsity four heats.  The Bulldogs had a clean start and fell into a solid second place behind Cornell.  The Bulldogs kept up with the Big Red all the way down the course and held off a late charge from Northeastern to cross the line in second place to advance directly to the semifinals.

MV4 H2

Order   Entry               Result

1          Cornell            6:39.768

2          Yale               6:44.691

3          Northeastern   6:47.261

4          Drexel             6:51.386

5          Jacksonville     6:51.940

The varsity four will be the first race of the day for the Bulldogs on Saturday.  Racing at 9:15 a.m. local time, the Bulldogs will line up in lane two against Wisconsin (lane one), Washington (lane three), FIT (lane four), Brown (lane five) and Penn (lane six).  The top three crews will advance to the grand final, the rest will race in the petite final.

The live stream for racing on Saturday is available here

Report filed by Yale Sports Publicity