No. 4 Bulldogs Plough Through No. 6 Columbia, No. 7 Cornell, No. 9 Penn

No. 4 Bulldogs Plough Through No. 6 Columbia, No. 7 Cornell, No. 9 Penn

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – The No. 4 Yale lightweight crew team finished up a very busy and successful weekend of races, with big victories against No. 6 Columbia, No. 7 Cornell, and No. 9 Penn. On Saturday, the lightweights took on Columbia and Penn in the annual Dodge Cup race, and defended the Dodge Cup for seventh straight year. Moreover, the Bulldogs won all four of the races that day, including the Second Varsity Eight, the Freshman Eight and the Third Varsity Eight. On Sunday, the Elis handily defeated Cornell in the varsity race for the second straight year. Yale also took home wins in the Second Varsity Eight and the Second Freshman Eight.

Things got off to an uncertain start on Saturday morning, when the Dodge Cup Regatta was scheduled to start at 9 a.m.  The weather forecast called for increasingly windy conditions, so it was decided to change the order of the races in order to ensure the varsity race got in.

The Second Varsity Eight race was first, and the Bulldogs won handily with a time of 5:59.0. Penn came in second with a time of 6:04.8, and Columbia finished in 6:15.4. Then in the varsity race, Yale held off Penn, finishing in 5:54.3 to Penn's 5:56.8. Columbia was well behind with a time of 6:02.2. The victory in the varsity race allowed Yale to retain the Dodge Cup.

Yale also won the Freshman Eight race and the Third Varsity Eight race. In the Third Varsity race the Yale Third Varsity boat won and the Penn boat came in second. The Yale Second Freshman boat also participated in the race and came in third.

On Sunday, the Y150 went up to Ithaca for a dual race against Cornell. Yale repeated its results from last year's race by defeating Cornell in the varsity race. This year however, the Bulldogs expanded on their margin of victory, with a winning time of Yale, 5:54.1. Cornell finished in 6:00.3. Last year, the Elis won the varsity race by a margin of 1.5 seconds.

The Bulldogs won the Second Varsity Eight race with a time of 5:56.5, to Cornell's 6:01.8. Yale also won the Second Freshman Eight race, while Cornell won the Freshman Eight race and the Third Varsity Eight race.

Full results from both days of racing are listed below.

The lightweights are back in action next weekend against Dartmouth for the Durand Cup.


Dodge Cup

Second Varsity Eights

1. Yale, 5:59.0

2. Penn, 6:04.8

3. Columbia, 6:15.4


Varsity Eights

1. Yale, 5:54.3

2. Penn, 5:56.8

3. Columbia, 6:02.2


Freshman Eights

1. Yale, 6:06.2

2. Penn, 6:11.4

3. Columbia, 6:14.7


Third Varsity Eights:

Yale 3V, 6:07.2

Penn 3V, 6:16.9

Yale 2F, 6:25.6


Cornell Race

Varsity Eights

1. Yale, 5:54.1

2. Cornell, 6:00.3


Freshman Eights

1. Cornell, 6:08.9

2. Yale, 6:11.9


Second Varsity Eights

1. Yale, 5:56.5

2. Cornell, 6:01.8


Third Varsity Eights

1. Cornell, 6:10.8

2. Yale, 6:14.6


Second Freshmen Eights

1. Yale: 6:18.7

2. Cornell: 6:30.1


Report By Arsi Sefaj '11, Yale Sports Publicity