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Lightweights Conclude Season at IRA National Championship

(photo by Joel Furtek '90)
(photo by Joel Furtek '90)
WEST WINDSOR, N.J. —  It was an early morning of racing for the Y150 at the IRA National Championship Sunday, as impending troublesome weather made for last-minute changes to the program of events and pushed the races to an earlier start. The lightweight eight were the second race of the morning, lining up against Columbia, Harvard, Navy, Penn and Princeton to compete for the National title. The race for gold was decided amongst Sprints champion Columbia and Princeton, with the rest of the field fighting for bronze. Yale did not have the speed to take advantage of a decent start, and the second thousand found Yale in sixth. Columbia finished first.
Friends of Y150 rowing head coach Andy Card said, "First off, congrats to Columbia and Princeton for setting the standard for the league this year. We brought a 17-man squad to our IRA camp, with only one senior in the bunch, so we knew that we had to have everyone rise up a notch or two. Our camp was a positive one, though it's hard to see that with the results today. That one senior was our captain Will Harrington, who has done such a tremendous job for us this year. It's hard to express what he has meant to us through the last four years. He is a force. He just couldn't will us into more speed today, though he spent all his energy over his four years here in full. A true champion no matter the results. We are a better team through his example and leadership, and his legacy will be felt for a long time. It's a sad day for me not because of the results, but because it's time to say goodbye."
Worsening weather was cause for the abrupt cancellation of all small boat events on the schedule at Lake Mercer, but a committed effort by all affected programs led to an arrangement to race on nearby Lake Carnegie, Princeton's already-buoyed body of water. After the short repose, the coxed four and straight fours were able to take to the water for their races. 
The coxed four went first, lining up against Columbia, Georgetown, Harvard, Navy, and Princeton for the grand final, and came in 6th.
The straight four's petite final was the last race of the afternoon, with crews from Georgetown and Temple joining the Elis. Yale came in 2nd.
Report filed by Yale Sports Publicity