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Bulldogs Going Strong After First Day of Competition

Jonathan Xu and Isaac Shelanski
Jonathan Xu and Isaac Shelanski

STATE COLLEGE, PA - Partway through their pools at the NCAA Championships, the men's fencing team is performing well despite facing some of their toughest opponents yet. Having fenced fifteen of their twenty-three bouts, the Bulldogs' final results will be determined based on their fencing on both days of the tournament.

Sophomore epeeist Isaac Shelanski fenced particularly well, winning twelve of his fifteen bouts. Going into the second day, he is the best-ranked men's epeeist in the competition. The top four in each event compete in a bracket for these medals. If Shelanski can win a few more bouts, he might very well end up in the medals bracket.

First-year foilist Cameron Allen and junior epeeist Jonathan Xu have each won five of their fifteen bouts so far. They have been holding their own in a highly competitive field and managing victories against extremely talented fencers.

As it stands, Yale is ranked ninth in the NCAA. Rankings are calculated by comparing the total number of bouts won by male and female fencers from each school. At the moment, the Bulldogs have won 60 bouts. While the final ranking of the schools are subject to change based on results from the second day of competition, Yale has done quite well in a fierce competitive field.

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