Yale Hosting Ivies

Jonathan Xu
Jonathan Xu
NEW HAVEN, Conn. - The Bulldogs will be hosting the Ivy League Championship this weekend, when they will face formidable foes from Brown, Columbia, Penn, Princeton, and Harvard. 
Last year, Yale took fifth overall after defeating Brown and losing to Princeton by a single bout. Earlier in the season, the Bulldogs defeated Columbia 15-12 and UPenn 14-13. Last year, Columbia and UPenn tied with Princeton for the championship title, so these earlier performances bode well for the Bulldogs. They have not crossed swords with any of the other teams that they will be facing this weekend, so are eagerly anticipating the chance to prove themselves.
Three members of the team narrowly missed All-Ivy honors last year. The top six individuals in each weapon are recognized for their performances. Walter Musgrave finished the competition ranked 7th in saber overall, with Cameron Allen and Jonathan Xu ranked 8th in foil and epee, respectively.
The competition will be held at the Lanman Center on the first floor of the Payne Whitney Gymnasium. Fencing begins at 10 AM on Sunday, with Yale fencing Harvard.