Yale Tops Vassar & Detroit

Yale Tops Vassar & Detroit

Jan. 18, 2009

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. - The Bulldogs traveled to Poughkeepsie, N.Y., this weekend and came back with two more wins in their pockets. Against Vassar, Yale posted a 21-6 victory. The Bulldogs took down first-time opponents Detroit by 25-2.

Captain Michael Pearce noted, "This weekend was exactly what we needed. We continued our winning streak and warmed up for the rest of the season. We worked out the kinks from our break over the winter and successfully transitioned between winter training and the season."

All three squads swept at one point or another during the two contests. The foil squad of John Gurrieri, Andrew Holbrook and Shiv Kachru went 9-0 against Vassar. The epee squad followed that up with a sweep of Detroit. The squad consisted of Alexander Cohen, Thomas Bell, Michael Pearce and Matthew Lee. The sabre squad of Sebastian Cano-Besquet, Stephen Watty, Adam Fields and Jonathan Holbrook closed off competition against Detroit by also going 9-0.

Pearce noted that the alternates, who stepped in on multiple occasions, had an important role in the team's decisive victories. "Matt Lee is our second alternate of the season to get in and go undefeated," he added. Bo Qu went 1-0 against Brandeis.

The Bulldogs are happy with the weekend's turnout but are keeping in mind upcoming challenges. Next weekend Yale will head to New York City for the NYU invitation where they will face, among others, the defending national champion, OSU, and the runner-up, North Dakota.

Pearce commented, "I believe we are mentally and physically prepared for the rest of the season. While next weekend at NYU will be particularly difficult because we'll be fencing the defending national champion and runner-up, I know that we will bring the fight to them and give it our all."

Full Results:

Vassar: 21-6

Foil - 9-0 John Gurrieri 3-0 Andrew Holbrook 3-0 Shiv Kachru 3-0

Epee - 8-1 Alexander Cohen 2-1 Thomas Bell 3-0 Michael Pearce 2-0 Matthew Lee 1-0

Sabre - 4-5 Jonathan Holbrook 0-2 Sebastian Cano-Besquet 2-1 Adam Fields 1-2 Stephen Watty 1-0

Detroit: 25-2

Foil - 7-2 John Gurrieri 3-0 Shiv Kachru 3-0 Andrew Holbrook 1-2

Epee - 9-0 Alexander Cohen 3-0 Thomas Bell 3-0 Michael Pearce 2-0 Matthew Lee 1-0

Sabre - 9-0 Sebastian Cano-Besquet 3-0 Stephen Watty 3-0 Adam Fields 1-0 Jonathan Holbrook 2-0

Report filed by Dominique Fenton '10, Yale Sports Publicity