Reising Slated For Hospital Release Today

Reising Slated For Hospital Release Today

Senior LB Hurt in 4th Quarter of The Game


BOSTON, Mass.Jesse Reising (Decatur, Ill.), the Yale senior linebacker who was taken off the field with an injury at Harvard Stadium on Saturday, is scheduled to be released from a Boston hospital today.

The Yale Athletic Department has been flooded with inquiries on his status from around the country. Reising did not suffer spinal damage, but he does have other concerns.

"Right now, my nerves aren't firing to my right arm like they're supposed to.  However, I still have too much swelling in my neck and shoulder for the doctors to reach any conclusions yet," said the senior who missed Sunday morning's team banquet back in New Haven. "Three weeks from now, I'll have more tests done to determine whether I tore some nerves, and possibly have them re-attached three months from now.  However, I'm making rapid progress in regaining motor functions, and I expect a full recovery."  

Reising never blacked out on the field and has vivid memory of what happened on the fourth-quarter pass play to Harvard RB Gino Gordon, who was shaken up on the play but got up and walked to the sideline.

"I remembered breaking on the ball when Harvard's quarterback threw it.  Once Gordon caught the ball, I knew that I had him lined up to deliver a big hit.  I tried to put my helmet on the ball to knock the ball out, but apparently he lowered his head right before I hit him.  I don't think I was ever unconscious, but my nerves weren't quite responding like they were supposed to, and I couldn't move.  I asked the medical staff whether my arm looked like it was dislocated, whether it was a knock-back tackle, and whether I got the ball out."

Once the Harvard player got on his feet, he bent over to see how Reising was doing.

"It was a class act by Gordon to make sure I was all right, especially since I was the one who delivered the hit."

The officials threw a flag (before they knew anyone was hurt) on the Yale player for helmet-to-helmet contact, though they never announced the penalty.

"Not until the next day did I find out that the referees had called a penalty on me."

Reising's comments came from an email he sent to the Yale Sports Publicity Office. He has been very responsive and eager to help clarify the situation.

"I appreciate that the Yale community, football family, and others have been very supportive of my efforts towards a full and speedy recovery."


filed by Steve Conn, Yale Sports Publicity Director