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NCAA Men's Golf East Regional Media/Fan Advisory

Spectator Guidelines

Where You Can Go
There is no charge to attend this event. Spectators must remain on the cart paths or in the rough and approximately 15 yards from the players at all times (including practice areas). There may be no communication between players and spectators that could be deemed advice of any nature for the duration of the 18 holes. All institutional personnel, with the exception of the designated coach, are considered spectators.

Electronic Devices
Electronic devices, including cell phones and pagers, are not allowed on the course. Only working media are allowed to use cameras on the course during the tournament. Spectators must refrain from smoking near the players. Carts will not be provided for spectators.


Parking at the Yale Golf Course is limited. Therefore, the following arrangements have been made to best accommodate parking needs for the week. All parking will be free of charge.

During the May 19 practice round, parking for all participants, coaches, staff members, and spectators will be available in the Yale Golf Course Clubhouse parking lot (for VIP parking pass holders), and in auxiliary parking areas at the course (for all others.)

Parking for spectators, staff, and volunteers from Thursday through Saturday will be available in Lot C (corner of Derby and Central Avenues) at the Yale Bowl Complex. A shuttle bus will be running continuously throughout the day between this parking lot and the Yale Golf Course.

Media may obtain a parking pass for the Yale Golf Clubhouse by contacting Steve Conn at (203) 432-1455 or