Bulldogs Help Lift Spirits in Newtown

Bulldogs Help Lift Spirits in Newtown

Laxers Bring Laughter, Excitement At Clinic

NEWTOWN, Conn. – Yale student-athletes have a long and impressive history of community outreach. The Yale men's lacrosse team raised the bar late last week to help lift the spirits of a Connecticut community recovering from a horrible tragedy. The Bulldogs conducted a free clinic for the Newtown Youth Lacrosse Program, and gave a large group of children a chance to focus on sports for a day.

The Yale players, led by Andy Shay, the Ryan and Forst Family Head Coach, spent five hours with kids ranging from second to eighth grade at an indoor facility where they worked on all aspects of the game.

In an email to Yale Athletics Director Tom Beckett, Newtown Youth Lacrosse President Jeff Tousignant explained the impact of the Bulldogs' visit.

"It is amazing to know that our community isn't limited to those who live within the borders of our town, it extends to all the wonderful people who support and care for us.  After the senseless and heartbreaking events of Dec. 14, the joy and innocence of our children was gone.  Our focus and goal since that day has been to find any way possible to put a smile on the faces, and some laughter in the voices, of our kids once again.

Almost 20 members of the Yale men's lacrosse team showed up at our youth lacrosse clinic ready to help in any way possible.  These young men came from your campus in the middle of the school year to spend five hours with us - whether it was shooting drills for 7th & 8th graders or a game of sharks and minnows with the 2nd & 3rd graders - they were right there laughing and playing with everyone.  As the clinic and day progressed, smiles appeared and laughter filled the air. Thanks to your coaches and student-athletes, we were accomplishing our goal.  As our community begins to heal, these will hopefully be some of the memories that help our children cope with the future.

Yale University certainly has a great leader and mentor for young men in Coach Shay. They did an outstanding job representing themselves, the men's lacrosse team, your athletic department and the University.  Our community is forever thankful."


filed by Steve Conn, Yale Sports Publicity Director