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No. 2 Bulldogs Defeat No. 9 Franklin and Marshall, No. 4 Rochester, No. 15 Navy

No. 2 Bulldogs Defeat No. 9 Franklin and Marshall, No. 4 Rochester, No. 15 Navy

New Haven, Conn. - Undeterred by a tough loss to No. 1 Trinity on Wednesday, the Men's Squash Team bounced back in perfect form, defeating No. 9 Franklin and Marshall, No. 4 Rochester, and No. 15 Navy at the Yale Round Robin at the Brady Squash Center. The Brady Squash Center was packed with squash players this weekend, both male and female, from over ten schools.

The Bulldogs started off their weekend showdown besting Franklin and Marshall 8-1 on Friday afternoon. Bulldog sophomore No. 7 Hywel Robinson lost to No. 9 Gabriel De Melo in a five-match game at No. 1. Yale convincingly defeated its competitors in the No. 2 – 9 spots. No. 10 was an exhibition between Bulldog Sam Haig and Benjamin Lurio, which Haig won in three sets. 

Next, the Bulldogs took on No. 4 Rochester, and posted a ­­­­7-2 score. The entire team crowded the first court to watch Robinson play No. 3 Benjamin Fischer, which was the last match to finish. Fischer won the match in four sets.

In the Bulldog's final event of the afternoon, they defeated Navy 9-0, ending their weekend with a decisive win. Yale's next challenger will be No. 3 Princeton on Saturday at 1p.m. at the Brady Squash Center.


report filed by Courtney Kaplan '13, Yale Sports Publicity


Franklin and Marshall:

1SRobinson,Hywel M.0.000De Melo,Gabriel 0.00011-8,9-11,6-11,11-6,14-12

2SChan,Kenneth 0.000De Melo,Guilherme F.0.00011-9,11-2,11-5

 3SDodd,Richard W.0.000Barua,Sujat 0.00011-5,11-6,11-8

 4SLalwani,Naishadh 0.000Lopez,Juan 0.00011-6,11-2,11-6

 5SFulham,John 0.000Singh,Justin 0.00011-6,11-9,11-5

 6SRoberts,John J0.000Cunningham,Patrick D.0.0009-11,11-4,11-3,11-7

7SPlimpton,Christopher J.S.0.000Zaveri,Aadit 0.00011-8,11-8,11-8

8SMaruca,Michael D.0.000Gagnier,Christopher 0.0009-11,8-11,11-9,11-4,11-9

9SWyatt,Charlie St C0.000Cutler,Charles S L0.00011-6,11-4,11-5

 10SHaig,Sam 0.000Lurio,Benjamin 0.00011-7,11-4,11-8



1SRobinson,Hywel M.0.000Fischer,Benjamin 0.0008-11,12-10,16-14,11-9

2SChan,Kenneth 0.000Newnham,William M0.00013-11,10-12,11-8,11-7

3SDodd,Richard W.0.000Duany,Andres 0.0007-11,10-12,11-5,11-6,11-7

4SLalwani,Naishadh 0.000Ahmed,Hameed 0.00011-9,6-11,11-6,11-4

 5SFulham,John 0.000Chapman,Joe S0.00011-8,11-8,11-8

 6SDowd,Ryan D0.000Gaviria,Juan Pablo 0.00011-4,11-7,11-7

 7SRoberts,John J0.000Perkiomaki,Adam J0.00011-3,11-7,11-5

8SBerner,Robert L.0.000Domenick,Matt 0.00011-5,11-8,11-9

9SPlimpton,Christopher J.S.0.000Lopez,Oscar 0.00011-4,11-0,5-11,7-11,11-3

 10SMaruca,Michael D.0.000Herrera,Juan J0.00011-8,11-7,11-3


Naval Academy:

1SChan,Kenneth 0.000Lutz,Allan B.0.00011-5,11-2,11-4

 2SLalwani,Naishadh 0.000Abrams,William G.0.00011-2,11-4,11-0

3SFulham,John 0.000Bouchard,Hunter R.0.00011-4,11-7,11-2

 4SDowd,Ryan D0.000Beck,Hunter 0.00011-2,11-1,11-2

 5SPlimpton,Christopher J.S.0.000Richey,John R.0.00011-7,11-5,11-5

6SMaruca,Michael D.0.000McNamara,Thomas H.0.00011-5,11-9,11-6

7SWyatt,Charlie St C0.000Crofton,Aidan C.0.00011-6,11-5,11-4

8SHaig,Sam 0.000Koenig,David O.0.00012-10,13-11,11-9

 9SClayman,Samuel W0.000Young,Clayton H0.00011-4,11-6,12-10