Michael Maruca
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Washington, DC
High School: Phillips Exeter Academy
Why he chose Yale:"I chose Yale because I knew that it was big enough for me to find anything I might want to study. Coming from a dorm, I saw the benefits of the college system here. Dave also made me feel comfortable and I knew I would be proud to play for him and for Yale."
Squash Background:"My friend's mom, Wendy Lawrence, was a squash pro and got us all into the game in elementary school. I kept on playing because I liked how much running around there was, and there always seemed to be nice coaches in D.C., such as Brian O'Hora."
Favorite Squash Moment:"My favorite squash moment to watch was when Julian Illingworth took down Olli Tuominen at the tournament of champions in 2008; as the best American player ever, his style is the American style, and it's great to cheer for him. As for my own squash moment, it was when Exeter played Groton- I had a two-hour-plus, five game match in which my opponent's legs collapsed from under him at 7-7 in the fifth."