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Split Elis Drop a Pair

Split Elis Drop a Pair

Feb. 19, 2005

Hartford, CT - Competing at the USSRA National Championships in Hartford, Conn. the Bulldogs' two squads both lost this afternoon. Yale's A team fell to Harvard B 3-2, while Yale's B team lost to Princeton A by the same score.

Freshmen Moshe Sarfaty and Ho Ming Chiu both picked up wins for Yale A, while Alex Tilton picked up Yale B's lone win.


Harvard B def. Yale A 3-2
No. 1 Harvard B def. Julian Illingworth (Y)
No. 2 Harvard B def. Nick Chirls (Y)
No. 3 Moshe Sarfaty (Y) def. Harvard B
No. 4 Harvard B def. Chris Wyant (Y)
No. 5 Ho Ming Chiu (Y) def. Harvard B

Princeton A def. Yale Team 2, 4-1
No. 1 Princeton A def. Avner Geva (Y)
No. 2 Princeton A def. Trevor Reese (Y)
No. 3 Princeton A def. Max Samuel (Y)
No. 4 Alexander Tilton (Y) def. Princeton A
Princeton A def. Andrew Vinci(Y)

Report filed by Sean Singer '06, Yale Sports Publicity