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Bulldogs Finish Second at Terrier Invitational

Bulldogs Finish Second at Terrier Invitational

Nov. 18, 2007

Complete Results

Boston, MA - The Bulldogs finished second in the Terrier Invitational with 905 points Sunday at Boston University.

Freshman Matt Lee began the day with a first place finish in the 1650-yard freestyle. Lee earned the Bulldogs 20 points with a time of 15:58.46. Freshman Jerold Lee placed in seventh in this race to earn Yale 12 points. Senior Reid Madden gained 6 points for the Bulldogs with an 11th place finish.

In the 200-yard backstroke, sophomor Colin McCarthy finished in sixth to earn the Bulldogs 13 points. Freshmen Jason Choi and A1ex Gornitzky finished in 8th and 9th, respectively, to earn the Bulldogs 20 points.

The Bulldogs took two of the top three spots in the 100-yard freestyle. Senior Morgan Locke finished in second to earn Yale 17 points. Freshman Ege Gurdeniz finished in third place to earn Yale 16 points.

In the 200-yard breaststroke, freshman Sam Goldsmith earned Yale 13 points with a sixth place finish. Fellow freshman Zak Murez finished in 10th to earn the Bulldogs 7 points.

Senior Reid Madden, senior Connor Murphy, and Jerold Lee finished fourth, sixth, and seventh, respectively, to earn Yale a total of 40 points in the 200-yard butterfly.

The Bulldogs capped the day with a second place finish in the 400-yard freestyle. Gurdeniz, senior Alex Goldsmith, senior Gjorgji Gjeorgjiveski, and Locke earned the Bulldogs 34 points in this race.

Report Filed by Steven Horn '10, Yale Sports Publicity