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Swimmers Compete In Bulldog Cup Competition

Swimmers Compete In Bulldog Cup Competition

Oct. 27, 2004

The Yale swim team continued preparation for the upcoming 2004-2005 season at the annual Bulldog Cup inter squad meet that was held Friday, October 23 and Saturday, October 23 in New Haven. The competition of 26 individual events, 13 for the men and 13 for the women, offered a full schedule of championship events including the 1000 Freestyle. Points were awarded according to how the swimmers performed relative to the current Yale School Records in their respective events. Extra points were awarded for any meet records that were broken.

Head Coach Frank Keefe was very happy with the quality of the swims, calling the competition the best "first meet team qualifier" he had seen in all his years at Yale. This year's meet was held one week earlier than past years and saw 28 meet records broken, 14 each by the men and the women.

Only three weeks into practice, the team had been averaging 7000 meters on single practice days and 11,500 meters on double practice days. Each swimmer competed in four events and the competition offered a unique opportunity for the swimmers to not only compete against their teammates, but to match their performances, based on points scored, between the two teams, as well as allowing each swimmer to match him or her performance up against the vast history and tradition of Yale Swimming. The closely contested competition came down to the last events.

Cristina Hession edged out fellow sophomore Moira McCloskey by just one point for the overall title. Caroline Dowd finished third overall some three points behind McCloskey and two points ahead of the top male scorer, sophomore Andrew Foss. Freshman William Rubenstein and sophomore Geof Zann finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in the men's competition, rounding out the top scorers from both squads.

Dowd was the only triple winner (100 and 200 Breaststrokes and the 200 IM), while Hession and McCloskey for the women, and Foss, Rubenstein and Zann for the men, were all double winners. One other double winner in the men's competition was Colin Stalnecker, who won the 100 and 200 Breaststrokes, both on meet record efforts.

The results of the top three scorers, as well as the top scorers from each class, are listed below along with the Top 10 Combined Scores Overall.

The men will continue their preseason efforts with a scrimmage meet at home on Nov. 12 against Southern Connecticut. They will see their first official action one week later at the George Mason Invitational, Nov. 19-21.

Overall Top 10
1. Cristina Hession 336
2. Moira McCloskey 335
3. Caroline Dowd 332
4. Andrew Foss 330
5. William Rubenstein 319
6. Geof Zann 315
7. Quinn Fitzgerald  313
8. Nicole Swaney 312
9. Meg Gill & Matt Thunell 310

Men's Competition Top 3 1. Andrew Foss 2. William Rubenstein 3. Geof Zann Top Scoring Freshman William Rubenstein Top Scoring Sophomore Andrew Foss Top Scoring Junior Kieran Locke Top Scoring Senior Quinn Fitzgerald