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Second Varsity, Varsity Four Knock Off Princeton

The varsity eight in action vs. Princeton (Ahsan Iqbal photo)
The varsity eight in action vs. Princeton (Ahsan Iqbal photo)

Tigers Win Varsity Eight To Retain Eisenberg Cup

The conditions were ideal, and the racing close between two top -10 crews Saturday on the Housatonic River. Yale, ranked No. 8, edged No. 6 Princeton in four of the five races, but the Tigers retained the Eisenberg Cup by winning in the varsity eight.

"It was a good day for us," said Will Porter, The Friends of YWC Head Coach of the Bulldogs. "We were 1.2 seconds shy of a sweep."

In a battle of unbeaten crews, Yale's second varsity eight topped Princeton 6:14.4 to 6:16.0.

In the varsity four, the Bulldogs handed Princeton's its first defeat of the spring. Yale crossed the line in 6:58.3, more than two seconds faster than the Tigers, who had a time of 7:00.6.

The varsity eight was a very close race as well. Princeton, the defending Ivy League champion, had a time of 6:12.4, while the Bulldogs finished in 6:13.6.

"Princeton was better than us today," Porter said. "They were exactly what we knew they would be, and we let them get away."

Today was the first of what could be three meetings between the talented crews. They will race again for sure at the Ivy League Championship in the middle of May and then could see each other at the NCAA Championship in late May.

"We are only halfway through our season," Porter said. "We are just starting to come up to speed. There's still a lot to learn. As a team we grew up a bit today in these races. They were hard fought."

Yale remained undefeated in the third varsity eight, beating the Tigers by nearly eight seconds.

Yale also won the second varsity four, finishing ahead of two Princeton crews. The Bulldogs had a time of 7:31.3.

After two straight weekends at Gilder Boathouse, the Bulldogs face Radcliffe and USC next Saturday on the Charles River in Boston.


Varsity Eight:                                                                                                                 

Bow – Amy Warner (Jr., East London, South Africa)        
2 – Julia Sesler (Jr., Bronxville, New York)                
3 – Kate O'Brien (Sr., Clare, Ireland)            
4 – Alison Nordell (Jr., Gates Mills, Ohio)
5 – Ella von der Schulenburg (Fr., Zurich, Switzerland)
6 – Daisy Mazzio-Manson (Fr., Wellesley, Massachusetts)          
7 – Marybeth Swords (Jr., Sudbury, Massachusetts)
Stroke – Lily Lindsay (Jr., Harrison, New York)                    
Coxswain – Sara Lee (Sr., Charlotte, North Carolina)         

Second Varsity Eight:

Bow – Schuyler Ritchie (London, England)                      
2 – Victoire Lienau (So., Paris, France)
3 – Olivia Maclean (Sr., Harvard, Massachusetts)
4 – Arwen Neski (So., Ashley Falls, Massachusetts)
5 – Margaret Saunders (Fr., Arlington, Virginia)
6 – Meg Galloway (Jr., Ridgefield, Connecticut)
7 – Sophie Deans (Jr., Sydney Australia)
Stroke – Lydia Keating (Sr., Brookline, Massachusetts)
Coxswain – Jessica Michaels (Jr., Bangkok, Thailand)

Varsity Four:

Bow - Alexia Rojas (Fr., Tampa, Florida)              
2 - Kate Flanders (Jr., Sarasota, Florida)              
3 - Sera Bulbul (So., Geneva, Switzerland)                            
Stroke - Kate Horvat (Jr., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)                
Coxswain – Anisa Iqbal (So., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)                  

Second Varsity Four:

Bow - Margaux Paradis (Fr., San Francisco, California)                    
2 - Elizabeth Duserick (Fr., Arlington, Massachusetts.)    
3 - Emily Patton (Sr., Guilford, Connecticut)                    
Stroke - Sara Locke (Sr., Chertsey, United Kingdom)
Coxswain – Izzy Detherage (Fr., Zionsville, Indiana) 

Third Varsity Eight:

Bow – Anna Heckler (Jr., Colts Neck, New Jersey)
2 - Hannah Knight (So., Weston, Massachusetts)
3 – Adoracion Guzman (Fr., Sevilla, Spain)
4 – Lane Unsworth (So., San Francisco, California)
5 – Claire Grundig (Fr., San Carlos, California)          
6 – Casey Wizner (Sr., Grosse Pointe, Michigan)              
7 – Hannah Smith (Fr., Long Beach, California)
Stroke – Katie Gleason (Fr., Sudbury, Massachusetts)
Coxswain – Hannah Malzahn (So., Edmond, Oklahoma)

Report filed by Tim Bennett (, Yale Sports Publicity