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Bulldogs Varsity Eight Edged By Brown In Grand Final At Eastern Sprints

Bulldogs Varsity Eight Edged By Brown In Grand Final At Eastern Sprints

May 18, 2008

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CAMDEN, N.J. - In a memorable finish, Brown's varsity eight edged Yale by a little more than one second to win the Grand Final at the Eastern Sprints on the Cooper River. The Bears crossed the line in 6:24.024, slightly ahead of the Bulldogs, who came in at 6:25.192. With the victory, Brown earned the 2008 Ivy League championship.

"I thought we rowed a great race," said Yale head coach Will Porter. "If we rowed 10 times, there might be 10 different outcomes. Today was Brown's day."

In the varsity boat for the Bulldogs were coxswain Mia Kanak, Taylor Ritzel, Christina Person, Tess Gerrand, Jamie Redman, Alice Henly, Maren McCrea, Caroline Nash and Christine Glandorf.

It was still a very successful day for Yale. The third varsity four won the Grand Final with a time of 7:11.06. The third varsity four B also captured the Grand Final, completing the 2,000-meter course in 7:32.790. Three other Yale boats reached Grand Finals. The second varsity eight finished third, while the novice eight and novice four boats both placed sixth.

"We had a day that many programs would like to have," Porter said. "Four of our boats medaled."

Yale is likely to earn a berth in the NCAA Team Championship when the bids are announced on Tuesday. The varsity eight, second varsity eight and third varsity four would compete in the NCAAs.

"We are in great shape for a team bid," Porter said. "I'm very confident."

Yale's third varsity four continued its dream season by cruising to a nearly four-second victory over second-place Brown. In the boat for the Bulldogs were coxswain Erin Haber, Suzanne Salgado, Karrin Weisenthal, Allix Wilde and Alexandra Thompson.

"It was a great race," said Salgado. "I'm so proud of everyone in the boat. It was the best race of our lives. We were calm, under control and aggressive."

The conditions on the course made for a challenging race. It was mostly sunny for all of the morning heats, but by the afternoon finals, a steady rain was falling.

"It started pouring right before our race," Salgado said. "There was a lot of water in the boat, and it was splashing in my face. We just tried to row above the conditions."

Yale's four remained undefeated with the win.

"We've just tried to take it one stroke at a time, shake off any bad practices and try to get better every day," Salgado said.

Yale's third varsity four B of coxswain Alyssa Reyes, Mary Pat Wixted, Melissa King, Katherine Kazimer and Lilah Hume also captured a gold medal. The Bulldogs finished nearly four seconds ahead of second-place Brown.

In the second varsity eight Grand Final, Brown won by almost seven seconds, while Dartmouth finished less than one second ahead of Yale to place second. In the second varsity for the Bulldogs were coxswain Berkley Adrio, Katherine Adams, Cara Dermody, Jennie Hansen, Catherine Hart, Stephanie Madner, Emily Matykiewicz, Lee Glandorf and Rebecca Nadal.

Yale's novice eight of coxswain Sarah Brownlee, Amanda Grady, Lauren Ross, Hayden Mulligan, Roxanne Carini, Jennifer Zeckendorf, Mary Freeman, Mary Barrosse-Antle and Lily Blair rowed a strong heat to earn a berth in the Grand Final. The Bulldogs finished in 7:06.987. Brown was first with a time of 6:44.968.

Yale's novice four completed the course in 8:43.710 to place sixth. Columbia won the race with a time of 7:59.828. In the boat for the Bulldogs were coxswain Christina Lin, Lily Twining, Alexandra Cook, Ariel Baker-Gibbs and Phoebe Hinton.

Yale's third varsity four C of coxswain Ruoxi Wu, Ryan McCarthy, Zoe Ballance, Laura Gottesdiener and Margaret Sullivan won the Petite Final with a time of 8:06.244, nearly four seconds ahead of second-place Penn.


Varsity Eight Grand Final
1. Brown 6:24.024
2. Yale 6:25.192
3. Radcliffe 6:30.554
4. Princeton 6:31.111
5. Penn 6:41.578
6. Boston Univ. 6:44.199

Second Varsity Eight Grand Final
1. Brown 6:36.972
2. Dartmouth 6:43.629
3. Yale 6:44.101
4. Radcliffe 6:54.132
5. Boston University 6:57.598
6. Cornell 7:03.599

Third Varsity Four Grand Final
1. Yale 7:11.706

2. Brown 7:15.782
3. Radcliffe 7:26.094
4. Penn 7:28.943
5. Princeton 7:38.787
6. Dartmouth 7:43.413

Novice Eight Grand Final
1. Brown 6:44.968
2. Princeton 6:49.978
3. Cornell 6:52.703
4. Radcliffe 6:53.038
5. Dartmouth 7:02.306
6. Yale 7:06.987

Third Varsity Four B Grand Final
1. Yale B 7:32.790

2. Brown B 7:36.318
3. Syracuse B 7:43.656
4. Dartmouth B 7:47.622
5. Radcliffe B 7:57.694
6. Boston University B 8:17.375

Third Varsity Four C Petite Final
1. Yale C 8:06.244

2. Penn B 8:10.626
3. Bucknell B 8:16.090
4. Navy B 8:17.008
5. Columbia B 8:22.326
6. Penn C 8:32.961

Novice Four Grand Final
1. Columbia 7:59.828
2. Penn 8:03.214
3. Princeton 8:03.760
4. Dartmouth 8:08.623
5. Georgetown 8:29.409
6. Yale 8:43.710

Report filed by Tim Bennett, Yale Sports Publicity