The following short form will allow the coaching staff to get back in touch with you and give you further information on Yale University and Yale Crew. Per NCAA regulations we are only allowed to have mail or e-mail contact with those prospective students in their final two years of high school. We are not allowed to initiate in-person contact (i.e. telephone contact) until July 1st prior to the student's final year of high school.


Personal Information (names as they appear on your passport or government issued ID)

Last Name First Name Middle Name 

Home Address

City , State Zip


Prospect's Home Phone Number e.g. 123-456-7890

Cell Phone e.g. 123-456-7890

E-mail Address

Height Weight (lbs)

Age  Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)

Year of High School Graduation  

NCAA Clearinghouse Number 

Athletic Information

High School Coach's Name

High School Coach's Phone e.g. 123-456-7890

High School Coach's E-mail

Other Varsity Sports 

Significant Results 

Siblings Participating In Varsity Sports 

Parents Athletic History 

Best 2K Erg (date taken) 

Best 6000m erg. 

One Minute Max Watt Test 

Mat Watt Test

Other Test Results (include time and distance)

Port, Starboard, Both, Sculling, Coxswain

Years of Rowing Experience

Major Championship Regatta Results 

Other Interests

Academic Standings

High School Name

Street Address

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Country Phone e.g. 123-456-7890


Class Rank #/# G.P.A.

SAT: Date (mo/day/yr)
Critical Reading
ACT: Date (mo/day/yr)

Additional Information

Plans for a College Major

Will you be applying for financial aid? (Y/N)

Are you considering applying early action? (Y/N)

Which other schools are you considering?