Fencers Sweep Brandeis Invitational

Fencers Sweep Brandeis Invitational

WALTHAM, Mass. -- Women's fencing saw a great start to their intercollegiate season this weekend with a sweep at the Brandeis Invitational. It was the first meet this year in which fencers competed as a team. The Bulldogs beat hosts Brandeis as well as Boston College, MIT, North Carolina and St. John's.

The team improved against all competitors it faced last year, and added a victory against newcomer North Carolina. Things look good for the Bulldogs as they approach their next meets. At last year’s event, the women went 3-1. They topped Boston College, Brandeis and MIT but fell to a St. John’s team that eventually took sixth at NCAAs that year.

Against Brandeis this year, the team won 18-9. They won all three events: sabre (5-4), foil (6-3) and epee (7-2). Last year’s victory against Brandeis was far narrower, by only 14-13.

Fencing against MIT, Yale took a 21-6 victory. Comparatively, last year’s victory was with a score of 16-11. The Bulldogs won all three events: sabre (7-2), foil (5-4) and epee (9-0).

Yale took down Boston College, 19-8. Here, again, the Bulldogs won each event: sabre (6-3), foil (5-4) and epee (8-1). Last year, Yale fencers won by a score of 14-10.

Against newcomers North Carolina, Yale won a close 15-12 victory. They dropped one weapon to North Carolina, foil, in a score of 3-6. They carried sabre (6-3) and epee (6-3) to give them the overall win.

The biggest challenge of the day was, no doubt, the rematch against St. John’s. Last year, the Bulldogs fell by a score of 11-16. This year they came back to win in an incredible close match: 14-13.  Yale took the sabre by an impressive 7-2, but fell in foil (4-5) and epee (3-6). The points added up in the Bulldog’s favor to give them the win.

The Bulldogs are back in action on Jan. 17 at home against Vassar.