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Yale Heads to NYU Invitational

Yale Heads to NYU Invitational

Yale continues competition on the road this weekend at the NYU Invitational in New York, N.Y. At NYU the Bulldogs will fence the host school along with Wayne State, Ohio State, Northwestern and Notre Dame.

Captain Rebecca Moss and the team are looking forward to the challenge of the event.

“This is possibly one of our toughest competitions of the year and we couldn't be more excited about it,” she commented. “We will have to fence many different opponents in one day and it’s very important that we are able to adapt quickly to the many styles of fencing we’ll face.”

At last year’s event Yale finished with a 2-3 record. They took home a win against hosts NYU with a score of 19-8. For this year’s match against the hosts Moss noted, “the fencers at NYU have varying levels of experience, but in collegiate style meets where you only fence to five touches anything can happen.” Last year’s win over NYU was broken down as follows: sabre 6-3, foil 5-4 and epee 8-1.

Wayne State was the other opponent Yale took down last year, by a solid score of 25-2. They swept sabre and foil, with scores of 9-0, and dropped on two in epee (7-2). “The epee squad at Wayne State has given our team some trouble in the past so epee's performance against this team will be very crucial,” said Moss. “Thankfully, this year we gained some really dedicated freshman epee fencers and they have really increased the depth of our squad,” she added. 

The remaining three opponents, Northwestern, Ohio State and Notre Dame, all topped Yale last year. Northwestern won by a score of 18-9, Ohio State by 24-3 and Notre Dame by 24-3 as well.

About turning these losses into victories, Moss commented: “Northwestern also has a strong epee squad and solid team overall. To pull out a win against them we will have to be at the top of our game and cannot afford to lose any close matches.”

She added, “We have a very experienced sabre squad this year and we will be looking to them to clench some crucial victories. Our freshman Maddie Oliver has a lot of national competitions behind her and the rest of the squad is made up of experienced seniors, Jen Ivers, Katie Arden and Farrah Kimovec. Zoe Egelman and Jillian Liu of our foil squad have been working exceptionally hard the last few weeks and I look forward to seeing their achievements come out on strip.”

Ohio State and Notre Dame are regular top-finishing teams in the NCAA and bouts against their fencers will provide the Bulldogs valuable experience as they head into Ivy competition in the next few weeks.

“Ohio State and Notre Dame are two of the best fencing teams in the nation, but we have to remember, so are we,” said Moss. “Team victories will be difficult in these two cases but we're going into it with all we got. It's especially important for individual performances later in the year that our top fencers have a good showing and get some constructive bouting time with these opponents because we will no doubt have to fence them again come NCAA Championships.”

Report filed by Yale Sports Publicity