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Bulldogs Finish 2-3 at NYU Invitational

Bulldogs Finish 2-3 at NYU Invitational

The Bulldogs wrapped up a long day of competition at the NYU Invitational with a 2-3 record. Yale topped hosts NYU and visitors Wayne State, but fell to Notre Dame, Northwestern and Ohio State. At last year’s event, the Bulldogs left with the same final score.

Yale fenced Not re Dame first and fell 21-6 (S 7-2, F 8-1, E 6-3). However, the loss represents an improvement from last year where the Bulldogs fell 24-3. Against Notre Dame, senior Katherine Arden and freshman Madeline Oliver won two intense bouts. The sabre squad fenced very well, according to captain Rebecca Moss, but were just a step behind their opponents. The epee squad held their own against possibly the best epee squad in the nation. Moss had an exciting bout with Olympian Kelley Hurley which she won 5-4 in overtime. 

Against Northwestern, the Bulldogs lost 22-5 (S 6-3, F 8-1, E 8-1). Last year the score was 18-9 in favor of Northwestern. Moss commented on the match-up's difficulty:

"Northwestern has built their team up in the last year to a level we weren't expecting or prepared for. We had some close bouts, and we're walking away from this with a lot to improve on."

Yale then defeated Wayne State with a score of 21-6, notably sweeping the sabre (S 9-0, F 5-4, E 7-2). Last year the Bulldogs won 25-2. Moss emphasized the strong performance of the sabre squad.

"Sabre dominated this round. Squad captain Arden won a beautiful bout 5-0 then pulled out to allow senior Farrah Kimovec a chance to compete. Kimovec delivered with two victories of her own."

Oliver and Jennifer Ivers also won all their matches in sabre. Sophomore foilist Katharine Pitt was also undefeated against Wayne State. Moss noted that the team victory came at the right time.

"After two difficult defeats against Northwestern and Notre Dame, it was just the pick-me-up we needed heading into our bouts with NYU."

Yale followed that win up with another against NYU, 16-11 (S 5-4, F 2-7, E 9-0). Here the epee squad swept. Last year the Bulldogs won with a score of 19-8. On the victory, Moss noted:

"This round was really the epee fencer's time to shine. We have had problems with NYU in the past and even though things got close in the middle the squad was able to clench an uncontested win with Madeline Buxton winning three, Moss winning three, Tasha Garcia two, and Robyn Shaffer one. Our squad has really developed great chemistry and we were able to give each other a lot of advice."

The Bulldogs wrapped up the day with a loss to Ohio State by a final score of 19-8 (S 8-1, F 5-4, E 6-3). The loss was an improvement on last year’s, which was decided by a score of 24-3 in favor of Ohio State.

"Even though it was a loss, it really shows that out team has been progressing," said Moss. "The foilist's performance, for example, is representative of the hard work they've put in.

The Bulldogs are back in action next weekend at home against Sacred Heart and Drew University.

Report filed by Yale Sports Publicity.