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Lions Defeat Bulldogs 21-6

Lions Defeat Bulldogs 21-6

Feb. 7, 2004

Three Yale fencers had 2-1 records, but unfortunately for the Elis everyone else was unable to win a bout, and Yale fell to the Lions 21-6 in Payne Whitney Gymnasium.

Alisa Mendelsohn's two wins were the only ones the foil team could pick up, and the Elis fell 2-7 in that weapon. In saber, Yale was swept by the Lions, finishing 0-9.

Epee was the strength of the Bulldogs on the day, but even in that weapon Columbia was victorious. 2-1 records for Zane Selkirk and Erica Korb gave the Elis a 4-5 finish.

The Bulldogs will take on Brown later today in another home meet.