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Yale Downs Brown, Falls to Columbia and Harvard

Yale Downs Brown, Falls to Columbia and Harvard

Feb. 9, 2009

NEW YORK, N.Y. - It was a day of important improvements for Yale at Columbia's Levien Gymnasium. In part one of the Ivy League Championships, advancements made throughout the season paid off as Yale posted a 18-9 victory over Brown. The Bulldogs closed the day by falling to defending champions Columbia and Harvard. As the team looks towards the second half of Ivy competition on Feb. 22, it has already improved on last year's 0-6 Ivy record.

Yale started off the day with an improvement on last year's score against powerhouse Columbia. In 2008, Columbia claimed 26 of 27 bouts, with current captain, Lidia Gocheva, winning Yale's only bout. This year Yale took six victories to Columbia's twenty-one. Jennifer Ivers on sabre and Katharine Pitt on foil posted the best records against Columbia (both 2-1).

Yale v. Columbia (6-21)

Sabre: 2W, 7L
Katherine Arden 0-3
Farrah Kimovec 0-3
Jennifer Ivers 2-1

Foil: 3W, 6L
Katharine Pitt 2-1
Lidia Gocheva 0-3
Valeria Makeeva 1-2

Epee: 1W, 8L
Rebecca Moss 1-2
Abigail Fraeman 0-3
Kristin Saetveit 0-2
Tasha Garcia 0-1

Yale followed that up with a big win over Brown. Last year, when the Bulldogs hosted the first half of the Ivy League Championships at home, Brown came away with a 15-12 win over Yale. Yale's epeeists had a very strong day, however, and managed wins against both Brown and Harvard. This year, the epeeists had another strong performance (7-2) against the Bears lead by junior Rebecca Moss' perfect score (3-0). Moss took Yale's only epee win against Columbia and would go on to post Yale's only two epee victories against Harvard.

The Bulldog epeeists were however trumped by Yale's foilists who recorded a near-perfect score of 8-1 against Brown. Freshmen Katharine Pitt and Valeria Makeeva both posted perfect scores while captain Gocheva offered two wins to the squad.

Gocheva commented, "We are happy that we won against Brown, even though we could have performed better against Columbia and Harvard. We are going to analyze today's bouts and work hard to correct our mistakes before Ivy North."

Yale v. Brown (18-9)

Sabre: 3W, 6L
Katherine Arden 1-2
Farrah Kimovec 0-3
Jennifer Ivers 2-1

Foil: 81, 1L
Katharine Pitt 3-0
Lidia Gocheva 2-1
Valeria Makeeva 3-0

Epee: 7W, 2L
Rebecca Moss 3-0
Abigail Fraeman 2-1
Kristin Saetveit 2-1

Yale finished off the day with a 9-18 loss against Harvard. In 2008, the Yale-Harvard match-up ended in the same result. Moss led her squad to a 5-4 win over Harvard's epeeists: she recorded a 3-0 mark. The saberists lost, 6-3, while the foilists lost, 7-2. Gocheva tallied both of the foil squad's two wins.

This year, in a reversal of fortunes, the sabre squad took their only victory of the meet with a 5-4 decision against Harvard. Katherine Arden and Farrah Kimovec's identical 2-1 marks added to Ivers' sole win swung the match in favor of Yale. Both foil and epee fell to Harvard, 2-7.

Yale v. Harvard (9-18)

Sabre: 5W, 4L
Katherine Arden 2-1
Farrah Kimovec 2-1
Jennifer Ivers 1-2

Foil: 2W, 7L
Katharine Pitt 1-2
Valeria Makeeva 1-2
Jillian Liu 0-3

Epee: 2W, 7L
Rebecca Moss 2-0
Abigail Fraeman 0-3
Kristin Saetveit 0-3
Tasha Garcia 0-1

The Bulldogs have two weeks of practice before the second part of the Ivy Championships takes place in Providence, R.I., on Feb. 22.

Certain to be determined members of the team will fence as individuals at the Junior Olympics from Feb. 13 to Feb 16 in preparation for Ivy North.

Yale will face Princeton, Cornell and Pennsylvania at Brown in hopes of improving its current 1-2 Ivy League record. Last year Yale was edged by Princeton (12-15), Cornell (11-16) and Pennsylvania (9-18).

Report filed by Dominique Fenton '10, Yale Sports Publicity