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Yale Tied for 9th in Division I NCSA Collegiate Power Rankings

Yale Tied for 9th in Division I NCSA Collegiate Power Rankings

Aug. 26, 2008

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Yale tied for ninth among all Division I schools in the National Collegiate Scouting Association Collegiate Power Rankings released on Monday. The Collegiate Power Rankings rate colleges and universities comprehensively based on student-athlete graduation rates, academic strength and athletic prowess of the university. The institutions posted in the 2008 Power Rankings are in an elite group of less than 6% of colleges and universities across the nation.

"For a school to be at the top of a list of more than 1,000 NCAA schools with athletic programs is remarkable," said Chris Krause, Founder and President of NCSA and the originator of the NCSA Collegiate Power Rankings list. "Yale has made it to the top 2.5% overall in the rankings because of its commitment to academic and athletics, as well as its commitment to graduating its student-athletes. NCSA's power rankings objectively help prospective student-athletes compare each of their collegiate opportunities so they can make the most educated decision possible when it comes to their future. To be listed as one of the top schools in the 2008 NCSA Power Rankings shows dedication and commitment to running a first-class program, and deserves to be recognized."

The Collegiate Power Rankings from NCSA are calculated for each college and university at the NCAA Division I, II and III levels by averaging the U.S. News & World Report ranking, the U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup ranking and the NCAA student-athlete graduation rate of each college/university. The U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup rating evaluates the strength of NCAA athletic departments, while the U.S. News & World Report rating recognizes institutions of academic excellence. The student-athlete graduation rates are based on those provided by the NCAA.

In addition to its ninth-place showing in the Division I category, Yale was 21st in the NCSA's overall rankings, which include schools from all divisions. The Yale Athletics Department has received numerous honors for its overall performance this past year, leading the nation for the third year in a row with 28 teams receiving NCAA Public Recognition Awards for high Academic Progress Rate scores.

In addition to the collegiate power rankings, NCSA publishes recruiting guidelines and provides education to the nation's top clubs, camps and combines to high school athletic directors, coaches and families of student-athletes who are interested in competing at the next level.

"The backbone of NCSA is education," said Krause. "The NCSA staff consists of more than 70 former collegiate athletes and college coaches whose focus is to match college coaches with qualified and committed student athletes, maximizing their collegiate recruiting potential."

More than 35,000 college coaches and more than 1,700 colleges and universities use NCSA to meet their recruiting needs. NCSA annually tracks more than 100,000 of the top student athletes in 25 sports who will be making their way on to college rosters with the ultimate goal of earning a college degree.

Division I NCSA Collegiate Power Rankings

  1. Stanford University
  2. Duke University
  3. Princeton University
  4. Harvard University
  5. University of Notre Dame
  6. Johns Hopkins University
  7. University of Pennsylvania
  8. Northwestern University
  9. (tie) Yale University, Cornell University