Yale Field Hockey Barcelona Blog by Gabby Garcia

Yale Field Hockey Barcelona Blog by Gabby Garcia

The Yale field hockey team spent Spring Break 2013 in Barcelona, where the Bulldogs played four matches against local teams. Junior forward Gabby Garcia blogged about the trip. Fans can also follow the team on Twitter at http://twitter.com/YaleFieldHockey



The Spanish Sweep

We're back! Spain was amazing; we won all four of our games (the last one we won 2-1 with goals from Noelle and Schucks) and we got to see a ton of different Spanish landmarks. Last night, we went to the FC Barcelona Game, which was absolutely incredible. Europeans LOVE soccer and the fans there are crazy! FC Barcelona won 3-1 and Messi scored twice. The crowd was literally obsessed with him; they bowed down to him after each goal. It was hysterical! Before this game, I didn't really understand how important soccer was to Spanish culture. It was great to have the chance to be a part of it, especially since Barcelona won!

Overall, the trip to Spain was a huge success. We played well against foreign teams, became better Spanish speakers, and learned so much about Spain's history and culture. We are thrilled to have had this opportunity and thankful to everyone for their support.



Gabby #11




Team, staff and alums at Placa Catalunya:




In honor of St. Patrick's Day:

There once was a team on spring break.

They danced often to Rihanna and Drake.

When they had an off day,

The coach let them play.

Past their bedtimes, they all stayed awake.


Today we went to Girona, a city on the northeast of Catalonia. Its beautiful Spanish Gothic architecture surrounds tiny shops, restaurants, and some tourist sites, such as the Collegiate Church of Sant Feliu and Sant Pere de Galligants. I actually enjoyed Girona more than Barcelona because it felt more authentic. Much of Barcelona is Americanized, with its stores and fast food restaurants, so it was nice to get away for a bit and experience a true Spanish city.

After visiting Girona, we had our last practice. Our game tomorrow is at 10am, so hopefully we can pull off a W and get a spring break sweep!


Have a good night!

Gabby #11






Fairytale Friday


Once upon a time, there was a group of fair maidens that decided to travel to a different country in order to experience new things. When they arrived to the far away land, they LOVED it. They met new friends, spoke different languages, and ate various types of food. Today, the fair maidens went into a big city to shop. They bought gifts for their friends and families because, even though they enjoyed the new country, they missed home and the people that lived there.

"How do fair maidens get over homesickness?" you ask. Simple: dancing! Tonight, the fair maidens put on their best dresses and had a ball. Unlike Cinderella, they got into a Lemon instead of a Pumpkin, and even though you'd think Lemon would be sour, it was sweet. Super sweet. They all had an incredible time!


Good Night,

Fair Maiden Gabrielle


Night out on the town:





Monasteries and Matches

Pray Play Slay

Animated Adventurous Accomplished Appreciative


Hola! Hola! Hola!


Espero que ustedes disfruten del blog! We had another great day in Spain, and I am feeling very cultured. Today we traveled quite far to see the Santuari de Montserrat, a beautiful monastery on top of a mountain. Totally worth it! The views were breathtaking; from the monastery we could see snow-capped mountains, little towns, and sandy beaches, but that wasn’t even the coolest part. I loved this monastery.

It was much more my style than La Sagrada Famila. The Holy Sculpture inside was a Romanesque carving from the 17th century that portrayed Saint Mary as Queen on the “Throne of Wisdom.” The statue had wide, expressive eyes, which really appealed to the pathos of the viewer and also symbolized the figure’s abilities in sight and understanding. The entire place was beautiful, but it was this holy image that caused me to stop and stare for a good five minutes, truly appreciating and understanding the Spanish art.

The trip to the Santuari de Montserrat also offered us an opportunity to shop! There were many street vendors, and I think that my parents and others will be pleased to know that we will be coming home with some authentic Spanish cheeses! Haha. Don’t worry! We sampled first.

Nighttime was consumed with playing and pizza. Both were great, but the facts of interest lie in the facilities we’ve been playing at.

Spanish field hockey clubs are similar to American country clubs on steroids. They have fields, courts, gyms, multiple dining areas, lounge rooms with fireplaces, and spas. I’m kind of disappointed we haven’t been able to test out the spas yet, but we still have a few more days…


Hope all is well at home!





P.S. YFH’s secret skill is singing.




Whose turfs these are I think I know.
Our field is next to this one though;
They will not see us losing there
Or watch our faces lose their glow.

Our alumni friends- they just got here
In time for the game, in order to cheer
Between practice and eating tapas
‘Twill be our best game of the year.

We give our vocal chords a shake
To win we must communicate.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of stick on turf- pass to teammate.

The turf is sandy, worn and weak.
But I have promises to keep,
And games to play before I sleep,
And games to win before I sleep.

Hey Everyone!

Just a brief overview of the day: Today we went to Barcelona and saw
La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. Although I’m not a particular fan
of Gaudi, it was great to have the opportunity to see these sites,
known for their nature-inspired architecture (and check it off my
life-time bucket list). Carol and Jan joined us before La Sagrada
Familia and we all went to dinner at our first authentic Spanish Tapas
restaurant. Muy delicioso!! We played another late night game and won
4-1 with goals from Brooke, Schucks, Jessie, and Grace. Our passing
tonight was on point, and I think the energy we’ve been going into
each game with is incredible. Hopefully we will be able to build our
play and continue winning for the remainder of the trip!

Gabby #11


Team at Park Guell:




Tanka Tuesday:


It was a great day.

Scavenger hunts and clinics.

Schuck's team always wins.

They get biggest gelatos.

Only cuz Pam knows they ran.





Hope everything is going well in the US! Things are going very well here. Today was pretty busy. We woke up to team time that included a scavenger hunt in the town surrounding our hotel, which Schuck's team won (I wasn't on that team, which is annoying), and then we had a pretty long afternoon at the field. Practice went smoothly; we ironed out a few of the issues made evident in yesterday's game, leading us to believe that we will be able to dominate again tomorrow. Great, but the real story begins after practice.

Today, we had an amazing experience in coaching the Barcelonan boys and girls in field hockey. We were all very excited to have the opportunity to work with children and brush up on our Spanish skills. I thought ten years of classes would serve me well in situations such as today, but it did not. We learned so many new words! For example, "sweep," is "latigo," and "chut" is "shot." So we traded Spanish words for hockey tricks; everyone won. It was a really cool thing to be able to spend time and bond with the children because, even though we spoke different languages, we were able to communicate and have fun through playing a game that we all love. It was wonderful.

I'd end today's entry there, but there's one more thing I need to mention before hitting the sack. Although the day ended quite well for me, there was one event that really "grinded my gears." After the scavenger hunt, we had a bit of free time by the pool. No one actually goes in the pool, because, as you know from my mentionings of ice bathing, the water is very cold. Today was unfortunate. I was thrown into the pool MULTIPLE times. Schucks and Georgia, my TEAMMATES, found it amusing to toss me like a floppy fish off a dock into the Antarctic water not once, nor twice, but THREE times. FREEZING!!!!! I thought I could persuade G to gang up on Schucks, but she was loyal to her teammate in this wrestling match. After the third dunk, I realized that I could never resist the strengths of both Georgia and Schucks, so I challenged just one of them. Emily and I sumo wrestled on the poolside, and I destroyed her. It was AWESOME!!!! The whole thing was a riot, and we even got in on video! Haha.

That's it for now! Hasta Pronto!


P.S. Alcatraz


Our team with the under-12 boys and girls teams from Iluro Hockey Club following our training with them today:





JWOWW Scores!!


   The sun was shining. The wind was blowing.

   At 8:45 am, the team got going.

   Awake, we were not, yet we stretched and we ran

   Our hearts got spiked enough to eat and tan

   We laid out in the sun, resting and reading.

   "Only for an hour!" Pam was pleading.

   We listened then lunched. The food was yummy.

   Buffet style is great. Sure filled my tummy!

   To Barcelona we went, a new man at the wheel.

   We didn't like him as much. He drove with less zeal.

   Through tunnels we traveled that Brooke thoroughly enjoyed

   Til we arrived in the city to a woman we employed.

   She was our tour guide, and she was grand.

   Although we walked more than any of us has planned.

   Pictures were taken, Olympic stadiums were seen,

   People everywhere shouted "Mira!" at our team.

   One bad note, Lex's camera fell in the water

   "Oh no!" Mrs. Adams is probably thinking. "My poor daughter!"

   So we toured Barcelona, saw some Picasso and Gaudi.

   Then we hit Frescos for dinner. The espresso made us rowdy.

   We bussed to the game then put on our tight gear.

   Warmed up a bit, and then yelled our new cheer!

   It got us hyped, for we played well indeed.

   We scored many goals off some very good feeds.

   "Who finished?" you ask. The answer is many.

   We won 9-1, but this isn't uncanny.

   1 from Brooke, 1 from Borgs, 1 from MB.

   Then 1 from the freshmen, Noelle and Molly.

   But who scored the rest? There are four more unnamed.

   Well readers, Jessica Accurso. She was the star of the game.

   She dribbled, she shot, she dove and she tipped.

   One of them, she might have even chipped.

   She played amazing, as did we all.

   During the game, we were having a ball.

   We walked off the field, smiling with glee.

   We wouldn't have to ice bath in the Mediterranean Sea!

   Haven't you ever seen Jaws!? (inside joke)

   Good Night to all. Love your Bull dawgs.


More tomorrow!





Yale and Iluro Hockey Club:



Sightseeing in Barcelona:


Hello Fans, Followers, and Field Hockey Fiends:


Buenos Dias! Nosotros estamos en…..



Asics gear

Running shoes


Enrique Iglesias






Haha! Actually, we are a little outside the city. We are in Costa del Maresme, a lovely little beach town. The hotel is pretty nice; we are divided into groups of two for rooms, and each room has two beds, a bathroom, and a balcony!! I feel just like Juliet (from Romeo and Juliet)! The weather is wonderful. Today, Erica, Schucks, Emily, and Georgia all tanned outside by the pool in bikinis. Yes, there is a pool here, but that is not necessarily a good thing. The pool, at a temperature of approx. 32 degrees Fahrenheit, is currently being used as the loathsome ice bath. Uck! At least we will be feeling good for our game tomorrow. We're all super excited; hopefully we can pull off our first W of the spring season! The field we are playing on is in the middle of the sea and the mountains. It's the most amazing view, and we feel so lucky to have this opportunity.

Anyways, time for backlog. The trip to Barca lasted almost a full 24 hours, including 12 hours of air travel. This sounds pretty terrible, but there were some enjoyable aspects I can't not tell you about.


1 Gheav for Bfast. We LOVE G-Heav (Gourmet Heaven).

2. Per diem: $20 for whatever we want! Thanks Yale

3. Best Case Scenarios Game on the plane to Miami

4. Yoga in Miami International Airport (Yes, random bystanders joined in)

5. Arbitrage: This movie is very intense, and Richard Gere has a great face, even in his old age.

6.  The Bus and Driver: Both were groovy, and that man makes us feel like were gliding on butter.


The trip has been great so far, and I look forward to keeping you all updated. Hope everything is going well back in the states!



Gabby Garcia