Bulldogs Spread Out Across Globe for Summer

Caroline Murphy, shown here in front of Childs Glacier in Cordova, spent her summer in Alaska.
Caroline Murphy, shown here in front of Childs Glacier in Cordova, spent her summer in Alaska.

Players Spend Break Working, Studying and Training

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - In a few weeks, they will be back in New Haven for the start of the 2009-10 academic year. But for now, the members of the Yale women's ice hockey team are spending the summer spread out across the globe working, studying and training. In addition to typical summer activities like hitting the beach, they're also doing things like volunteering at a school for underprivileged children; observing open heart surgery; studying Portuguese in Brazil; researching Coventry Cathedral in England; and working out with Olympic team hopefuls.

Here's a look at what they're up to: 

Junior forward Lili Rudis (Chicago, Ill.):
"I've spent the past six weeks in Brazil studying Portuguese language and Brazilian culture. The Yale program brought 20 students to the coastal town of Paraty for two weeks and Rio de Janeiro for the past month. As an environmental engineering major, I am learning a lot about the way a mega-country like Brazil deals with preserving its natural resources while continuously growing its economy. Also, working out at my gym in Rio has been hilarious - I think that I might be the only female in the city who allows herself to break a sweat in public."


Sophomore forward Becky Mantell (Princeton, N.J.):
"I have spent the majority of my time this summer working as a marketing intern for a website called PlaySportsTV.com. Besides working and keeping in shape for hockey, I have been enjoying my time at home with my family and friends from high school. In August I am volunteering at a preschool for underprivileged kids for a few weeks. It's a great program that I've done for the past four summers. Bu basically I'm really excited to come back to school and have a great season!"


Sophomore defenseman Heather Grant (Toronto, Ont.):
"I decided that my time might be better spent in New Haven taking classes and working out. I spent June and July taking physics and physics lab and working out with our strength and conditioning coach (Joe Maher). Even though my body is often sore and tired, I think that living in New Haven this summer was the right choice, academically and athletically. I finished my courses in early August and am returning to Toronto to finish out the summer."


Sophomore forward Lauren Davis (Morrison, Colo.):
"This summer has been my fun summer. I figure that next summer will be the time to take some summer classes and find a job. That is for next summer. This summer I have been spending a lot of time at the rink and I have been going to Jazzercise with my mom. Spending time with friends has also been a top priority (yes, we went to the midnight premier of Harry Potter). I went to Las Vegas for the first time with my mom and decided that it is one of the more interesting places I have traveled to."


Sophomore forward Aleca Hughes (Westwood, Mass.):
"This summer I've spent most of my time training and playing hockey. I've been out to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for two 10-day skating sessions, where I've been working on improving my stride and speed. I will head out there for the final camp in a couple of weeks. [Junior forward] Bray [Ketchum] has also been venturing to Milwaukee with me. It's a pretty hopping town. So far we've seen the County Zoo and next camp we're looking forward to the State Fair and some live country music to kill time in between skating sessions. The rest of my time has been spent bouncing back and forth between Westwood and Vineyard Haven, Mass. When I'm in Westwood, I'm usually at the rink with my brothers and friends. And while in Vineyard Haven, I'm out fishing, waterskiing, or at the beach with my friends and family."


Junior goaltender Jackee Snikeris (Downingtown, Pa.):
"For the first half of the summer I was living in Florida working for a pulmonologist (lung doctor). It basically consisted of shadowing him doing hospital rounds, seeing patients in the office, and helping him with the electronic medical records. I also was allowed to see various procedures like a bronchoscopy and colonoscopies (ew!) and surgeries including a lung lobectomy, hernia repair, and an open heart surgery. It was a great experience and my first real look into the medical field.  I also instructed a girls hockey camp at the local rink where I live and now for the rest of the summer I'm just working a few days a week at a psychiatrist office where my mom works, continuing to work out and getting on the ice a few times before heading back to school." 

Freshman defenseman Jamie Gray (Calgary, Alta.):
"I have mostly been working out, working, and out on the water all day swimming, boating and wakeboarding. Now that I am back home my mom has my sister and I working around the house for her so that will take up most of my day as well as training and going to free movies (since I work at the movie theatre). I am starting to get packed for the year and am so excited!" 

Dani Moncion and Genny Ladiges on a four-wheeler in Ontario.

 Sophomore goaltender Genny Ladiges (Almonte, Ont.):
"I haven't been up to much lately other than working at the berry farm and the local pub in Almonte to make some extra cash.   One weekend my parents and I went up to [freshman forward] Dani Moncion's house on Round Lake and it was a ton of fun. I haven't been in about two-three years so that was pretty cool because I got to water-ski for the first time and go four-wheeling and all of that hickish stuff hah. For the rest of the summer I have two camps in August and about four more hours with the goalie instructor I've been working with now."Sophomore goaltender Genny Ladiges (Almonte, Ont.):

Freshman forward Natalie Wedell (Arden Hills, Minn.):
"I have been training with Potter's Pure Hockey and playing in the local D1 league. Nine of the women that I train with are trying out for the Olympics. The pace has been intense. Each week, we skate three days, run two days, and lift five days. On skating days, we average about six hours of training. The D1 league which just finished added two game nights each week. In August, I'm coaching a Midwest Selects team in addition to training."

Freshman defenseman Emily DesMeules (North Pomfret, Vt.):
"Hockey wise this summer I've been playing in the NEWHL college league games in Boston and I played in Chowder Cup.  I also played with a really stacked team at the NAHA Summerfest tournament! We had Noemi Marin and Jess Koizumi among other people and it was really fun to play with those players; they made the game so easy. What else? I've picked up some other tournaments and games here and there as well.  Plus I've been working out a lot and visiting friends in various places. Summer has been fun but I can't believe it has gone by so fast! I'm really excited for the season to start though, and to see the new rink, meet everyone and all that!"

Samantha MacLean, Jamie Gray and Jen Matichuk with some friends at the Calgary Stampede.

Freshman forward Jen Matichuk (St. Alberta, Alta.): 
"My summer started when I returned home from living in Calgary all year on July 6th. I went to the Calgary Stampede that day with [freshman defenseman] Jamie Gray and [junior defenseman] Sam MacLean. It was an absolute blast and I am really glad I was able to spend a day with Sam before meeting the rest of the team. She is the only one on the team in the same residential college as me [Silliman] so she told me all the great things about it. The past few weeks I have basically been training everyday preparing for the season. Although, I did have to take a break from training because I had all four wisdom teeth removed on the 17th. It was a terribly painful recovery. But now that that is over I am looking forward to instructing a hockey camp from August 10-14. I am really looking forward to the year!!"Freshman forward Jen Matichuk (St. Albert, Alta.):

Freshman forward Alyssa Zupon (Basking Ridge, N.J.):
"I traveled to South East Asia for three and half weeks with my family.  I visited Thailand (Bangkok, Krabi, and Chiang Mai), Vietnam (Hanoi, Halong Bay, and Ho Chi Minh City), Singapore, and Japan (Tokyo)."

Senior forward Berit Johnson (Wayzata, Minn.):
"I am in England with my dad right now.  I am doing research for my senior essay.  I know it is a bit early, but I decided to do the trip this summer so that it wouldn't conflict with hockey.  I am in Coventry right now -- my paper is on the destruction of the Coventry Cathedral during the 1940 Blitz, its reconstruction and rededication, as well as Benjamin Britten's War Requiem, which was written for the rededication.  I have been to the ruins of the old Cathedral and the rebuilt Cathedral -- both are amazing.  Other than that, I am spending my time in archive rooms -- nerdy, I know. The rest of my summer has been busy with my marketing communications internship at Compellent and hockey games and workouts."