No. 6 Bulldogs to Race in Regis Bowl

Genoa Warner and Stephanie Schuyler.
Genoa Warner and Stephanie Schuyler.

Bulldogs Primed to Take on the Charles

NEW HAVEN, Conn.— For the third week in a row the Bulldogs will send a slightly different team to a regatta and for the third week in a row the Bulldogs have a shot at victory. Rather than struggling to find enough women sailors, the Bulldogs have so many that they often send some of them to co-ed events each weekend. This week's team of women will head to the Charles River for the Regis Bowl hosted by Boston University on Sept. 25 and 26.

Last year, the Bulldogs finished fourth at the soggy event. They faced pouring rain on Saturday and a lack of wind on Sunday. Sophomore Claire Dennis and junior Margot Benedict finished seventh overall while sophomores Emily Billing and Heather May finished 14th overall. It was both skippers' first time sailing on the Charles River.

As has been stated before, the Charles River is not particularly popular among many collegiate sailors due to its demonic qualities. The section of the river that Boston University sails its regattas on is perhaps the most frustrating part of the river. It is the segment that lies between the Boston University bridge and the Harvard bridge which is better known as the Mass Ave bridge or the MIT bridge due to the fact that it actually connects directly to the MIT campus rather than the Harvard campus. If possible, BU sails the regattas nearer to the Harvard bridge which is the longest bridge over the Charles River. This provides for more consistent breeze, at least comparatively, as well as a wider area for the race course.

Currently the forecast for Boston Harbor is wind out of the southwest of 10 to 15 knots on Saturday with wind out of the northeast of 15 to 20 knots on Sunday. However, it may be completely different up the Charles River a ways. The River itself runs East-West making east or west winds relatively consistent and north or south winds incredibly shifty. However, what the Charles is known best for is its extremely unpredictable nature.

Thankfully, there is no rain in the forecast as of now, which will allow for a more pleasant experience for juniors Genoa Warner and Stephanie Schuyler and freshmen Marlena Fauer and Eugiena Custo Greig. BU's rotation dock is just a concrete slab without any protection from the elements, which makes tents a requirement when the weather turns sour.

The Regis Bowl is a level "B" regatta because it is not an intersectional. This means that the Bulldogs will only be facing New England teams. However, New England has a majority of the top teams in the country, which will make the Regis Bowl a deep event. No. 1 Boston College, No. 2 Brown, No. 8 Harvard, No. 9 Tufts and No. 15 Dartmouth will provide the Bulldogs with tough competition.

Racing will begin at 9:30 a.m. in BU's infamous FJs.

Report filed by Margot Benedict '12, Yale Sports Publicity