No. 1 Bulldogs Drift to Second

Genoa Warner and Stephanie Schuyler.
Genoa Warner and Stephanie Schuyler.

Four Races on Saturday, Zero on Sunday 

HANOVER, N.H. – Light wind was forecasted and light wind, rather close to no wind, was what racers got this weekend at the Mrs. Hurst Bowl, hosted by Dartmouth College.  However, four races was enough to constitute a regatta series and in those four races the No. 1 Yale women's sailing team sailed well enough to secure second-place.    

When it looked as if there might not even be enough wind to race at all on Saturday, finally a feeble northerly breeze made four races possible on the day.  Several additional races were attempted but had to be abandoned because the conditions were too unstable.  On Saturday evening all that the competitors and race managers could hope for was more wind on Sunday.  Unfortunately their wishes did not come true and not even a single race was able to be completed on Sunday before the 3 p.m. cutoff time. 

The report is that the lack of wind was due to a major cold-front that passed over the region just before the weekend.  As is typical for most times that the Bulldogs travel to Dartmouth, this front also means that the air temperature was not necessarily high. 

Nonetheless, the Yale women's team persevered through the cold and the frustration of waiting for wind to finish in second-place for the event.  Junior skipper Emily Billing, who sailed in A division for the Bulldogs along with sophomore crew Amanda Salvesen, commented that "communication between skipper and crew was key" because all of their time was spent "constantly searching for more pressure".  Billing and Salvesen finished fourth in their division. 

Finishing second in B division for the Bulldogs were sophomore skipper Marlena Fauer and freshman crew Kate Gaumond.  For Fauer, scrounging for races this weekend must have been quite different from last weekend when she sailed 26 total races over the two days. 

When it comes down to it, there is one thing that the sport of sailing relies on more than anything else.  Sometimes sailors find themselves waiting for the wind and this weekend they waited, but not much came.  Hopefully next weekend the conditions will be better at the Regis Bowl in Boston, Mass. 

Report filed by Chris Segerblom '14, Yale Sports Publicity