No. 3 Yale Goes 2-0 Against No. 7 Stanford, No. 12 George Washington

Katie Ballaine. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)
Katie Ballaine. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)

NEW HAVEN, Conn – Friday, the No. 3 Yale women's squash topped No. 7 Stanford and No. 12 George Washington, winning 9-0 against both teams.

In the Stanford match, only junior Millie Tomlinson, ranked No. 2 nationally, lost so much as a game.  Going up against No. 8 Pamela Chua, Tomlinson dropped the first game 11-9.  However, Tomlinson bounced back strong, winning the second game 11-9, the third 11-8, and the final game 11-7 to take the victory. 

The rest of the matches were relatively straight-forward, with four additional wins over ranked opponents.  Junior Kim Hay, ranked No. 6, took the win at No. 2 over No. 35 Kerrie Sample.  Senior captain Katie Ballaine topped No. 83 Julie Koenig at No. 3, and sophomore Shihui Mao beat No. 85 Madeleine Gill at No. 4.  Junior Lilly Fast topped No. 79 Serena Fagan at No. 5.  The rest of the lineup was junior Gwen Tilghman at No. 6, sophomore Issey Norman-Ross at No. 7, sophomore Anna Harrison at No. 8, and the finally freshman Annie Ballaine at No. 9. 

In the George Washington match, Hay played at No. 1 against Anna Porras, and won in four games.  Other than that match, the Bulldogs would not drop a game.  Ballaine played at No. 2 Tilghman was No. 3, Harrison was No. 4, and the younger Ballaine was at No. 5. Freshman Georgia Blatchford played at No. 6, junior Coco Siebert was at No. 7, senior Carolyn Brown won at No. 8, and sophomore Nina Kempner was at No. 9. 

The Bulldogs will be back in action on Sunday against Middlebury and Bowdoin. 


Yale vs. George Washington

Yale University
Rating George Washington University Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1WS Hay,Kimberley 0.000 Porras,Anna G. 0.000 13-11,11-8,11-13,13-11 Yale University C
2WS Ballaine,Katie W 0.000 Shea,Jacqueline A. 0.000 11-4,11-9,11-5 Yale University C
3WS Tilghman,Gwendoline C 0.000 Barnes,Kelly K 0.000 11-4,11-6,11-5 Yale University C
4WS Harrison,Anne 0.000 Levyn,Emely J. 0.000 13-11,11-2,11-2 Yale University C
5WS Ballaine,Annie Y 0.000 Tzarnas,Alexa N 0.000 11-4,11-2,11-4 Yale University C
6WS Blatchford,Georgia A. 0.000 Tapley,Elizabeth S. 0.000 11-5,11-0,11-8 Yale University C
7WS Siebert,Coco 0.000 Allen,Sarah 0.000 11-9,11-5,11-9 Yale University C
8WS Brown,Carolyn I 0.000 Nair,Maya 0.000 11-4,11-4,11-4 Yale University C
9WS Kempner,Nina 0.000 Calderon,Adriana 0.000 11-3,11-4,11-7 Yale University C
10WS Roberts,Amanda 0.000 Ehrlich,Catherine 0.000 11-2,11-2,11-4 Yale University C
Yale vs. Stanford

Yale University
Rating Stanford University Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1WS Tomlinson,Millie 0.000 Chua,Pamela 0.000 9-11,11-9,11-8,11-7 Yale University C
2WS Hay,Kimberley 0.000 Sample,Kerrie L 0.000 11-6,11-5,11-4 Yale University C
3WS Ballaine,Katie W 0.000 Koenig,Julie L 0.000 11-2,13-11,11-7 Yale University C
4WS Mao,Shihui 0.000 Gill,Madeleine M. 0.000 11-6,11-4,11-6 Yale University C
5WS Fast,Lillian A. 0.000 Fagan,Serena M. 0.000 11-3,11-9,11-7 Yale University C
6WS Tilghman,Gwendoline C 0.000 Huchro,Alexandra L. 0.000 11-6,11-7,11-5 Yale University C
7WS Norman-Ross,Issey 0.000 Posner,Ariel H. 0.000 11-8,11-9,11-3 Yale University C
8WS Harrison,Anne 0.000 Fleischer,Francesca C R 0.000 11-7,12-10,11-2 Yale University C
9WS Ballaine,Annie Y 0.000 Gillette,Carolyn 0.000 11-5,11-8,12-10 Yale University C
10WS Blatchford,Georgia A. 0.000 Yorke,Alexandra T. 0.000 12-10,11-8,11-9 Yale University

Report by Calvin Bohn '14, Yale Sports Publicity