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No. 5 Bulldogs Blank No. 12 George Washington, No. 17 Middlebury

Issey Norman-Ross. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)
Issey Norman-Ross. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — No. 5 Yale closed out a long week of squash action with 9-0 victories over No. 12 George Washington and No. 17 Middlebury at the Brady Squash Center on Saturday.

The wins nicely wrapped up a five-match week for the Bulldogs (12-1, 2-0 Ivy), who notched victories against four of their five opponents. 

Yale began the day against George Washington. The Bulldogs dispatched the Colonials with relative ease, taking 27 of 28 games played to earn the 9-0 win. 

While Middlebury put up more opposition, the end result was the same — a 9-0 win for Yale. The Panthers pushed the Bulldogs to five matches at No. 1, No. 3 and No. 7, but junior Issey Norman-Ross, senior Gwen Tilghman and junior Nina Kempner all prevailed in close matches at their respective spots.

With the victories, Yale finished out a busy week on a positive note. The Bulldogs will hope to keep the momentum going into a big road trip next weekend, in which the Bulldogs head to Princeton to take on two Ivy League rivals: No. 3 Penn and No. 4 Princeton. Yale previously topped Penn 7-2 at the Ivy League Scrimmages in November and will hope to replicate the feat when it counts next Saturday before facing the Tigers on Sunday. Both matches will be key contests in the race for an Ivy League championship.  

Report by Evan Brown '16, Yale Sports Publicity

Results vs. George Washington:

Yale University Rating George Washington University Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1WS Tomlinson,Millie 0.000 Porras,Anna G. 0.000 11-6,9-11,11-7,11-7 Yale University C
2WS Mao,Shihui 0.000 Flynn,Breanne 0.000 11-9,11-6,11-7 Yale University C
3WS Norman-Ross,Issey 0.000 Porras,Maria Alejandra 0.000 11-0,11-7,11-8 Yale University C
4WS Tilghman,Gwendoline C 0.000 Shea,Jacqueline A. 0.000 11-8,11-4,11-4 Yale University C
5WS Mao,Shiyuan 0.000 Levyn,Emely J. 0.000 11-3,11-7,11-8 Yale University C
6WS Blatchford,Georgia A. 0.000 Barnes,Kelly K 0.000 11-4,11-5,11-9 Yale University C
7WS Ballaine,Annie Y 0.000 Tzarnas,Alexa N 0.000 11-6,11-5,11-7 Yale University C
8WS Harrison,Anne 0.000 Tan,Eunice 0.000 11-5,11-2,11-9 Yale University C
9WS Tomlinson,Madeline Non-member Chawla,Mehak 0.000 11-5,11-4,11-4 Yale University C
10WS Kempner,Nina 0.000 Tapley,Elizabeth S. 0.000 11-4,11-4,11-8 Yale University

Results vs. Middlebury:

  Yale University Rating Middlebury College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1WS Norman-Ross,Issey 0.000 Jenkins,Abigail E. 0.000 9-11,11-9,14-12,11-9 Yale University C
2WS Scherl,Jenny 0.000 Dewey,Charlotte 0.000 11-5,11-0,11-5 Yale University C
3WS Tilghman,Gwendoline C 0.000 Wymard,Anne E. 0.000 6-11,10-12,12-10,11-4,11-8 Yale University C
4WS Blatchford,Georgia A. 0.000 Hau,Tiffany 0.000 11-7,11-5,11-5 Yale University C
5WS Ballaine,Annie Y 0.000 Pownall-Gray,Saskia 0.000 11-1,11-7,11-3 Yale University C
6WS Harrison,Anne 0.000 Carey,Zoe B 0.000 11-6,11-4,11-9 Yale University C
7WS Tomlinson,Madeline Non-member Chen,Amanda C 0.000 11-6,11-8,13-11 Yale University C
8WS Kempner,Nina 0.000 Dewey,Katie 0.000 11-9,3-11,11-5,11-13,12-10 Yale University C
9WS Lee,Jessica 0.000 Ellen,Audrey G. 0.000 11-2,11-5,11-7 Yale University C
10WS Roberts,Amanda 0.000 Makin,Carter A. 0.000 11-3,11-5,11-0 Yale University