Bulldogs Defeat Amherst 9-0

Bulldogs Defeat Amherst 9-0

Feb. 8, 2006

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Yale won all nine matches 3-0, including three in which the Bulldogs did not surrender a single point, to beat Amherst 9-0 Wednesday night at the Brady Squash Center.

Captain Amy Gross, playing at No. 3, was one of those who won all 27 points in her match. Kate Rapisarda at No. 5 and Sarah Barenbaum at No. 6 also turned the trick. Four other players, including Michelle Quibell at No. 1, lost only one point en route to the convincing victory.

Yale returns to action at Brown Saturday at Noon.

Yale 9, Amherst 0
No. 1 Michelle Quibell (Y) def. Caroline Shannon (A): 3-0
No. 2 Catherine McLeod (Y) def. Emily O'Brien (A): 3-0
No. 3 Amy Gross (Y) def. Libby Martin (A): 3-0
No. 4 Lauren McCrery (Y) def. Lauren Coape-Arnold (A): 3-0
No. 5 Kate Rapisarda (Y) def. Abby Mantica (A): 3-0
No. 6 Sarah Barenbaum (Y) def. Di Kirkwood (A): 3-0
No. 7 Jessica Balderston (Y) def. Scotty Hanley (A): 3-0
No. 8 Elisabeth Hill (Y) def. Margo Nathan (A): 3-0
No. 9 Katie Mandel (Y) def. Mariah Donelan (A): 3-0