Getting to Know Lindsey Dashiell '08

Getting to Know Lindsey Dashiell '08

April 27, 2008

1. What is your advice to incoming freshman about Yale Tennis?
I would give three pieces of advice to incoming freshman. First, when you [are part of] the Yale Tennis family you should prepare for great accomplishments as a result of working hard each and every day. Second, you should quickly learn how to manage your time well. Last, don't be afraid to depend on the support and guidance of your upper classmen.

2. How do you get the team ready/pumped up for each match? Any specific activities?
To get pumped up for a match we huddle together as a team, and say words of encouragement to each other (without the coaches) then cheer.

3. After graduation what aspect of Yale Tennis will you miss the most?
I will miss the accessibility of my teammates, coaches and training staff.

4. One word that describes Yale Women's Tennis?