Getting to Know Lilian Nguyen '09

Getting to Know Lilian Nguyen '09

Nov. 27, 2007

On her favorite part of being a member of the Yale Women's Tennis Team...
I love that all of the girls on are team are really close; we're all genuinely good friends who hang out with each other outside of the tennis court. I also love how hard our team works. We push ourselves everyday in the weight room, on the court, and on the track.

On what it means to be the Captain of the team
It really means a lot to me that my teammates voted me Captain of this team. It's a great experience because it will help me speak up more and become more vocal, something which I definitely could use. And I love the bond I have with all of the girls on the team, I really feel close to all of them.

On why she chose Yale
I chose Yale because I wanted to play tennis for a D1 school that was top in academics. I also loved it because the atmosphere wasn't extremely intense like it had seemed at other schools; everyone seemed so easygoing and friendly!

On the most challenging part of the tennis program
Definitely the most challenging part of the tennis program is trying to find the perfect balance between school and tennis. We work so hard and put in so many hours, it's hard not to feel overwhelmed at times. That's why, like everyone says, it's so hard to be efficient and manage your time well. That's much easier said than done, though. I think I'm just starting to get the hang of it!

On her goals for the team this year
My goal for the team this year is to win Ivies! If we win Ivies, we'd get an automatic bid into the NCAA tournament, and I think that'd be a really amazing experience. I have no doubt that that's where our team is headed, but it'd be really great if we could accomplish that this year. Another goal I have for the team is to get lots of wins over ranked opponents. We do a good job of beating people ranked below us; we have a great schedule of opponents ahead of us and lots of opportunities to get some good wins.

On her involvement in Timothy Dwight intermurals...
I love playing intramurals, and especially for my residential college, Timothy Dwight! I've played ping pong all three years, and a little bit of squash here and there. Basically any racket sport, I'm there.

On her junior year academics so far....
My junior year academics have been going well so far. I'm taking two classes in subjects that I've never taken before, and they've definitely given me a different perspective, it's been fun. And then I'm also taking two classes for my major, which are really interesting.

On her post-graduate plans....
After graduating, I plan on taking a year off and traveling abroad and volunteering. And then off to medical school where I want to specialize in pediatrics.

On her junior tennis experience before college....
I really enjoyed junior tennis; I was in a tennis academy, and so I really became very close with a lot of people in it after practicing with them everyday and traveling together. I also actually really liked traveling to and playing in all of the different tournaments, both in Texas and nationally. My favorites were always the Easter Bowl in California and the Copper Bowl in Arizona.