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Handsome Dan XIII
1984-1995, 1996


Athletes often come out of retirement to play another season. Yale mascots also get that urge. Maurice, who was donated to Yale by Mrs. Edward Curtis (a graduate of Cornell in 1957), in the memory of her father, Arthur C. Keller, Yale Class of 1925 (died in 1983), did just that when his successor was felled by an illness. He is the only Yale bulldog to come out of retirement to serve another year. Whizzer, Dan XIV, mascoted for one academic year before passing away in the summer heat of 1996. Maurice, technically both Dan XIII and XV, still resides with Chris Getman, Yale Class of 1964, here in New Haven.

He is registered with the AKC as Curtis' Hill and Dale Law, and the son and grandson of National Specialty winner Ch. Dingman's Hunk of Hetherbull and Ch. Marinebull's All the Way, respectively. (See attached 4-generation Certified Pedigree papers.) He was 5 months old when given to Yale. A white dog with a brindle patch on the right side over the left eye and ear, and another brindle patch on the right side of the back toward the tail.

The official presentation of Handsome Dan XIII was at the Yale-Cornell football game held on November 3, 1984, as requested by Mrs. Curtis.

Late December of 1988, Maurice was hit by a car near East Rock Park and required 3 pins in his hip.

Maurice has his picture in almost every printed matter which the Department of Athletics produces, i.e. programs, brochures, etc. In fact, the Department selected Maurice to be on the cover of the Christmas card in 1991. He sat for almost one hour while a wreath and a Santa hat was put on and taken off his neck and head. He was also seen at the swim meets with his "bathing suit" on.